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by:ZHENHUA     2020-06-18
Both Theromset and thermoplastic systems are popular with the professionals and when you need to coat your metals, you can use either one of these profitable systems. You have to complete your pre treatment procedures, since there surface should be free from oil, grease and other dust particles. Even for this job, there are several effective systems, depending on the size of the material, which has to be coated with powder. When you want to have great name in the industry, you should use the most appropriate powder coating equipment , since you could achieve perfect finishing, only with recommended equipment. The advantage is that you can have even painting in your vertical and horizontal painting and it would be very difficult for the viewers to find the difference. Further, different colors are available for you and selecting your needed colors, should not be a problem to you. Part preparation and powder application and curing are the three stages in powder coating and you have to make sure that you are using your professional coating booth, for this delicate job. Your workers should be very comfortable with their coating job and only booth working would be perfect for them. In this new system of coating with powder, you can recycle the waste and therefore, technically speaking, there is no wastage of powder in the process. You can use your electrostatic gun for your powder spray, when you need to coat your small metal products. You can use different varieties of nozzles for your spraying powder, according to your requirements. When you want to have grand finish, you should use only powder coating system and you should have professionals in your company, who have the ability and skills to deal with specially designed powder coating equipment.
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