In the nutraceutical industry, contract manufacturers

by:ZHENHUA     2020-06-26
Apart from manufacturing tablets, manufactures also pay attention towards the protection of equipment operators. They follow different methods to ensure safety of operators from inhalation of air borne particles. They also follow ways to prevent skin contact with tablets or other products during different manufacturing processes like dispensing, tablet compression, granulation, and coating as well as packaging processes. In this article, we'll come to know about the preventive measures which manufacturers follow in different steps of tablet production. Air suits & insulators Air suits were developed to protect the operator but such suits are not ergonomic. The manufacturing process makes the processing corridors and rooms contaminated which means some cleaning is still required to ensure the safety of operator. Furthermore, health and safety laws of most of western countries allow the application of personal protective equipment during the processes. Considering the less effectiveness of air suits, insulators came into existence. This helps the operators to remain free of air suit and also reduced the cleaning work. From dispensing to packaging, sophisticated isolators are getting used these days. Insulators are considered the effective solution to protect insulators but are expensive and needs large space for the installation. Closed process equipment One of the best, practical and cost-effective approaches is to opt for designing closed process equipment. With the help of this technique, the section of the machine which is in contact with the tablet is small and is also isolated carefully from both electromechanical parts of the machine as well as environment. Another advantage of this equipment is that it is easy to clean and that too without causing any kind of containment. Calculation of RDI Certain rational approaches are also there that can be adopted in various production stages towards containment requirements. Actually, the containment level required of equipment is found different in dispensing stage and the level needed in tablet coating. And the appropriate way to determine the right containment level is to calculate RDI which stands for Real Daily Intake and then it needs to get compared with ADI which is Allowable Daily Intake. Thus, considering these approaches in different steps of tablet manufacturing, contract manufacturers and encapsulation specialists have been supporting the safety of operators.
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