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In the multi-layer insulation of high vacuum coating machine

In the multi-layer insulation of high vacuum coating machine


In the multi-layer insulated liquid nitrogen, liquid hydrogen, liquid oxygen, liquid nitrogen and other cryogenic containers of the high vacuum coating machine, it is necessary to maintain a high vacuum of 10-2Pa~10-3Pa during the use period of 5 or even 10 years. A series of technical measures such as thorough extraction and the use of low-temperature adsorbents (molecular sieve activated carbon) with good suction performance must be carried out. In order to overcome the disadvantages of multi-layer insulation of high-vacuum coating equipment such as complex process, high cost, long production cycle and high apparent thermal conductivity of the project, it is necessary to develop the multi-layer insulation exhaust process and interlayer pressure distribution of the high-vacuum coating machine , Research work such as adsorbent activation process and adsorbent gas absorption performance test.

PVD vacuum coating machine

Vacuum coating refers to a method of heating metal or non-metal materials under high vacuum conditions to evaporate and condense on the surface of the plated parts to form a thin film. The vacuum coating machine will generate a lot of heat when it is working, and it needs to be cooled in time and effectively to ensure its normal operation.

China Patent Application cn20181049682 discloses "a multi-functional vacuum coating machine", including the vacuum coating machine body, control panel, rapid cooling device, air supply pipe, air supply box, air extraction pipe, air extraction box, diffusion pump, roots Pumps, machine pumps, suction dust collectors, suction air pumps, supplementary air dust collectors, supplementary air pumps. The rapid cooling device includes a frame, a sink, a water plug, a sponge metal mesh, a cooling fan, an air inlet, and The control panel is arranged on the left side of the vacuum coating machine body, the rapid cooling device is arranged on the right side of the vacuum coating machine body, and the air supply box is connected to the inside of the vacuum coating machine body through the air supply pipe Connected, the air extraction box is connected with the vacuum coating machine body through the air extraction pipe. Although the invention has simple structure, convenient operation and complete functions, it can maintain a dust-free environment in the vacuum chamber, and can quickly cool the inside of the coating machine to improve work efficiency. The sealing ring can prevent gas leakage, but it is difficult to disassemble the sponge metal mesh , Resulting in inconvenient maintenance; and its height is fixed, it is difficult to apply to uneven ground, inconvenient to place stable.

Vacuum coating technology is a novel material synthesis and processing technology, and it is an important part of the field of surface engineering technology.

Vacuum coating technology is the use of physical and chemical means to coat a solid surface with a special performance coating, so that the solid surface has wear resistance, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, radiation protection, conductivity, magnetic conductivity, insulation and decoration And many other superior properties that are superior to the solid material itself, to achieve the effect of improving product quality, extending product life, saving energy and obtaining significant technical and economic benefits. Therefore, vacuum coating technology is hailed as one of the more promising and important technologies, and has shown attractive market prospects in the development of high-tech industrialization.

  It is mainly used for coating under high vacuum, and it is used in many industries, such as automobile, medical, transportation, machinery, service and other industries, and it is also a coating equipment that is very close to people's lives.

   Vacuum coating equipment is an important part of the coating industry. Without advanced and efficient coating machines, there would be no modern coating industry.

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