In day to day life, we spend more than10 hours on internet

by:ZHENHUA     2020-05-28
Before pondering anything, you just sit for a while and answer my 4 questions, I guarantee you that it will help you make your social media strategy. Mind you, the successful one. What do you want to achieve from social media campaign? Do you want more sales, more leads, greater brand recognition, traffic conversions or engagement of your niche with brand? You need to have complete understanding of the purpose behind the campaign and what are those ultimate benefits you want to get. What is the best place to throw your social media campaign? Social media campaigns can be pitched through multiple ways i.e. Forums & online communities, Blogs, Multimedia sharing, Social Bookmarking, Diggs, RSS Readers, Social networks and Micro Blogging. Now the last two places are extremely important, Social Networks and Micro Blogging are million-dollars-earning forums. They actually cover blogging, forum & online communities and multimedia sharing at single place. You need to know which wagon will take you to your destiny in a shortest time with maximum comfort. Keep in mind, not every wagon is your wagon and not every destiny is your destiny. Are you ready to have a tight hug from your customers? You have to get your Brand indulged in effective, fast and friendly communication with your customers after deciding your platform where the next big campaign is going to be thrown. Your audience is there, talk to them, laugh with them and do not hesitate if they give a gesture of 'Tight-Hug'. I hope you won't mind giving a little control of your Brand over to them. Apparently it's their control, but you actually will run the puppet show. Best social media campaign refers to maximum engagement of your niche in your Brand. Do you have enough time to socialize? Social media campaign is all about socializing, listening, talking, sharing, laughing, informing and last but not least building relationships and these relationships can't be developed by machine, no matter how advance your technology is, it still will require human warmness. Do you have a person or a team to carry this social media campaign of your brand? I am telling you, it is a full time job. If you are done with your questions & answers session, you are free to work on the next BIG social media campaign for your brand. When you know more about unanswered questions, there are more chances to buzz off the competition, because of the little fact that you know it.
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