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In automobile coated glass, sputtering coating technology is mainly used in automobile windshield glass

In automobile coated glass, sputtering coating technology is mainly used in automobile windshield glass


In automobile coated glass, sputtering coating technology is mainly used in automobile windshield glass

At present, in automobile coated glass, pvd vacuum sputtering coating equipment technology is mainly used in automobile windshield glass. Automobile coated glass adopts magnetron sputtering coating process to coat multiple nano-level metal films on the inner surface of the glass to make it effective The infrared rays that reflect sunlight can prevent heat from entering the car body, reducing the air conditioning load, while maintaining good light permeability, maintaining a clear view, and better solving the defects of filmed glass. In developed countries such as Europe and the United States, automotive sputtering coated glass has been used as a standard configuration for high-end cars. With the improvement of people's living standards in my country, automotive coated glass has been increasingly favored by automobile manufacturers and consumers.

PVD sputtering coating machine

The optical coating is composed of a thin layered medium, a type of optical medium material that spreads the light beam through the system interface. Research on the use of optical films began in the 1930s. In modern times, optical films have been widely used in the development of optics and optoelectronics science and technology. I believe some friends may not know it very well, so next, the optical coating processing manufacturer will introduce to you in detail.

1. Structure

The simpler optical material film model has a smooth, isotropic and uniform working medium thin layer on the surface. Under this development, the dry and theory of light can be used to study the optical technical properties of optical films. When a monochromatic plane wave enters an optical film, it will be reflected and refracted repeatedly on its two surfaces. The directions of the reflected light and refracted light are given by the law of reflection and the law of refraction.

2. Features:

The characteristics of the optical film: the surface is smooth, and the interface between the film layers is geometrically cut. The refractive index of the film layer can start at the interface, but the film is continuous, which can be a transparent medium or an optical film.

Absorbing medium: It can be uniform in the normal direction or non-uniform in the normal direction. The film actually needs to be used is much more complicated than the ideal film. This is because the properties of the optical system and the physical and chemical properties of the film occur during the preparation. Deviation from the bulk material, the surface and interface are rough, which can lead to the diffuse scattering of a light beam. The mutual influence between the film layers forms a diffusion information interface. Because of the growth, structure, stress and other reasons of the film layer, the formation In order to account for the anisotropy of the film, the film has a very complex time effect.

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