Imation LTO Linear Tape Open Ultrium based data

by:ZHENHUA     2020-06-16
A lone Imation 27672 LTO5, can hold 1.5 Terabytes of native storage capacity & 3.0 Terabytes with compressed with fast and secure data transfer speed 140 MB/Sec of native and 280 MB/Sec when compressed. New developed design is by means of well improved basic feature of preceding generation while adding up new features such as partitioning to facilitate adding up file manage and efficiencies in room and space supervision. LTO 5 Ultrium tape, also improved with servo technology and enhanced in data compression which makes certain that same size of base film can able to store more data, in same physical size of cartridge, new Ultra fine coating technologies improve base film quality with more smoother and even surface, helps with increased data tracks 1280 with 846M tape length. Imation LTO-5 Ultrium tape, facilitate data managers to remain their obtainable tracks lacking adding up space to lodge the growth in main storage settings. Imation LTO5 media, is one of the most advanced and significant data storage tape format with robust and more scalable qualities, and first time in LTO technology Imation offers more data security within most critical data centers and tough conditional storage environments. Imation always rely on its patent technology and make it convinced in LTO-5 tape, that most important and sensitive information is well protected with complete data correctness, and new and reliable security features helps to lessen the danger of misplaced and misfiled tapes and get better both consistency and effectiveness. Imation LTO5 tape, improved some basic components of LTO technology, memory chip LTO-CM is most reliable part of LTO tapes which is able to store most important information about cartridge usage history and helps to speed up load and unload process. Imation 27672 LTO 5 Ultrium tape, WORM function makes it more protected storage media. The WORM function was actually first time used in Imation LTO 3 tapes, and offers very effective and solid data security with Write Once Read Many and stops any kind of unauthorized attempt or modification of storage data. Imation LTO5, also use hardware based AES 256 bit data encryption which protect archival data at the drive level. Imation original corner snap get better cartage potency of Imation LTO-5 tapes, and shield data during any sort of transport and mistreatment. Three spool concept has share out stress extra consistently above the tape surface for improved performance and longer archival existence. Quantum MR-L5MQN-01, Sony LTX1500G, TDK 61857, Fuji 16008030, Maxell 229323, HP C7975A, IBM 46X1290, Dell 02H9YH, and Imation 27672 LTO 5 tapes are available at
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