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by:ZHENHUA     2020-06-09
Imation LTO 4, offers massive advancement in storage capacity with 800 GB native and 1600 GB with compressed as well improved data transfer speed with 120 MB/Sec native and 240 MB/Sec with compressed data. Base film is always very important for recording ability and storage capacity most depend on best quality of base film. Imation LTO4, uses very fine coating techniques with small and thinner metal particles which helps in creating extra smoother and even balanced surface, and able base film to store more data as well increased data tracks with 896 and tape length 820 M long. Imation LTO-4, rely on some most important basic feature of LTO technology which are permanent part of all LTO tapes. Memory chip or LTO-CM is permanent part of LTO tapes and improved in LTO 4 with 8KB storing ability, LTO-CM able to hold most important information about the cartridge usage history or archival files and use these information speeds up load and unload operations with LTO Ultrium3 tape drives. Imation LTO4 Ultrium tape, are manufacturing with Imation patented Tera Angstrom technology with multi channel, most reliable Linear rewards, bi track formats with development in data compression, servo technology, error correction and track layout. The consequence is as moving new media that transport terrific performance and doubles the storage capacity. Imation LTO-4 tape, are embedded with WORM function which is also reliable part of Imation LTO 3 tape, WORM is again added with LTO 4 tape and offers more protection to stored data. WORM is protecting data from unauthorized access and stop attempt to rewrite data. Once data is written in WORM it is almost impossible to modify and offer superior data safety devoid of any performance lose. Imation LTO-4 Ultrium tape, uses hard ware based AES 256 bit data encryption for more security and reliability of storage data and offering complete level of security with excellent durability. Imation has been always focusing on adding new reliable features to its backup storage products in organize to serve up its users with enlarged performance and competence. Imation again made it possible with use of closer track spacing with improved Servo writing technology. Imation 26592 LTO4 Ultrium tape, is making certain that newly improved servo technology keep LTO Ultrium Tape drive head in perfect alignment with the LTO 4 tape tracks so that data can be written with high level of efficiency. Fuji 26247007, TDK D2407, Quantum MR-L4MQN-01, Maxell 183906, IBM 95P4436, Sony LTX800G, Dell 341-4640 and Imation 26592 LTO 4 tapes are easily accessible at
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