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by:ZHENHUA     2020-05-22
You might be wondering, what does this small machine got to do with the effectiveness of the production? Many will even wonder how a particular company is able to maintain its good position in the market, while other companies are not able to achieve the same growth. Making use of this specific device will seem to be a very small thing, but this tiny change is the one which will be responsible for bringing in a vast change. Trust me, with the help of this machine a company will be able to produce its products effectively without any interruption in the process flow and at the same time, it also helps you in the reduction of wastage which will ultimately end in good results, that is nothing but profit. So at the end of the day, it is helping the organisation to maintain its position in the market. As said earlier Label dispenser will help organizations to save their precious time which is mostly wasted in removing and application of tags. This particular device will be very helpful for high quantity shipping departments. No matter what's the volume of bottles or containers, these dispensers can label on and on. You just have to keep loading the label rolls on to the machine once one roll gets over. There are two different kinds of bottle labelers that are available in the market, which includes bottle matic and bottle matic 2. They don't have much difference except for few aspects. The bottle matic labeler machines labels almost all kinds of cylindrical objects or containers by just inserting them in and when the switch is on, it labels the container. It is done very quickly, that is it hardly takes two to three seconds for the machine to finish the task, which enable them to insert another bottle to start the procedure all over again. It can apply labels for more than thousand pieces per hour. Bottle-Matic-II labeler also labels all kinds of cylindrical objects both front and back by simply setting the desired spacing using the index knob. They are known for their accuracy and holds 1/64th' side-side precision on most containers. So there is no much difference that you can find between these two labelers.
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