hybrid enters into definitive distribution agreement with industrial finishes & systems

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San Francisco, January. 13, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE)--
Mixed coating technology(OTCBB:HCTI)
I am pleased to announce that the US distribution partner industrial finishes and systems previously announced by hybrid recently appeared in an article detailing the agreement, the article can be found below and below in the link to the company in San Francisco to reach an agreement to reduce sales
Ed RussoThe registry-toxic polyurethaneGuardJan.
Eugene\'s 2016 industrial finishes and systems have become the exclusive distributor of a new type of eco-friendly polyurethane. In a three-
This year\'s deal will cost $4 million, and industrial finishes will help sell floor and wall coatings developed by San Francisco, the patented \"Green Polyurethane\"
Based on mixed coating technology.
Mike Duncan, marketing director, said on Wednesday that industrial finishes will sell \"real green poly\" paints through its network of national distribution centers.
He said that HCT was created by a group of \"outstanding chemists\" who developed green polyurethane.
The product, which helps to make floor and wall coatings more adhesive and durable, is a replacement for traditional polyurethane made with toxic isobluate, which may cause breathing problems, in a statement, the industry ended. The U. S.
The company says the EPA is \"taking incremental action to regulate and potentially ban\" ocyan salt on a future date.
Duncan said that when the isates are removed from polyurethane, \"The same is true for other volatile organic compounds and the unpleasant smell that accompanies them.
He said: \"Products made of green polyurethane are less toxic than traditional polyurethane, and the smell is so low that they can be used in sensitive environments such as hospitals and schools.
Duncan says they can be used to help build Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design or LEED certification.
In October, the publicly traded HCT said it had reached an agreement to award a limited exclusivity to a US company. S. -
A basic distributor of several paint formulations for hybrid cars.
The company did not disclose its name, but Duncan confirmed on Wednesday that it was a distributor of the company.
Within the next three years, dealers will have to order at least $4 million in paint to retain their exclusive right to distribute real green Poly, HCT said.
Stuart Barr, chairman and chief executive of industrial decoration, said his company was \"happy to have the opportunity to bring so much --
Products needed to be brought to market.
\"This is a real game --
He said.
\"In today\'s world, eliminate harmful (
Volatile organic compounds
Ocyan salt is an increasingly important focus.
Barr and Jerry Bruce established industrial finishes and systems in 1958, and they acquired car body and paint supply
Wholesale dealers of auto body products.
It has a branch office and three employees.
Today, the company is owned by the bar family.
It distributes automotive and industrial coatings, body shop supplies and fasteners to the automotive, transport, leisure vehicles, aircraft, marine and industrial markets.
The company employs 280 employees nationwide, with 66 employees at the headquarters of West First Avenue in Eugene.
Industrial finishes and systems are important in cars and other markets, Duncan said.
He said the company hopes real green Poly will help it make progress in the building materials market.
Hybrid coating technology describes itself as an innovator \"committed to improving the quality and safety of foam, coatings and adhesives for industrial and commercial customers around the world.
The company says it owns the first patent.
Protective polyurethane-
Based on foam, eliminate toxic isoocyan salts from the manufacturing process.
The company said it won the president\'s green chemistry award in July due to the development of green polyurethane.
Joseph Kristul, president and Chief Executive Officer of HCT, said in a statement that industrial finishes have several attributes that lead to exclusive national distribution agreements.
\"Industrial finishes have a strong management team with a vision for the future of the paint,\" he said . \".
\"They also have a very positive sales team with a track record of success.
We believe this will be a very good partnership and we are very excited about the launch of the product.
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In addition to the statement of historical facts, the statement in this press release is \"forward --
\"Forward-looking statements\" based on current expectations and assumptions \". Forward-
Outlook statements involve risks and uncertainties that may result in significant differences between actual results and the results expressed or implied in the statement, including, but not limited to, the following: Capabilities of hybrid coating technology companies
Fulfill its obligations to provide working capital needs from operating income, obtain the required additional financing for any future acquisition, respond to competitive challenges and technological changes and other risks.
Mixed coating technology
No obligation to update any forwarding-
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Actual results or changes of mixed coating technology companyexpectations.
About Mixed coating technology (HCT)
San Francisco-
Based on innovation, we are committed to improving the quality and safety of foam, coatings and adhesives for industrial and commercial customers around the world.
We are the exclusive license for Green Polyurethane™The world\'s number one foam, paint and adhesive
Patented polyurethane-
Elimination of foam, paint and adhesive products of toxic ocyan salts from the whole production process (
Authorized by Nano technology industry)
2015 people won the president\'s green chemistry award.
Problems with conventional foam/paint and conventional polyurethane of different green resin (PU)
There are many disadvantages to paint and paint: they are porous, permeable and maintain poor hydrolysis stability.
This makes the material very vulnerable to environmental degradation and ultimately leads to its chemical decomposition, especially when in contact with water.
Conventional PU Foam, such as spray foam insulation, is applied through a spray mechanism that sends toxic isobluates to the air, exposing workers to toxic isobluates
Due to the toxicity of Ester, strict and expensive health and safety measures must be implemented in the manufacture and application of conventional polyurethane.
That\'s why regulators around the world are now looking to stop using ocyan salts step by step.
Green Polyurethane™Polyurethane solution™(
Also known as \"HNIPU \"-hybrid non-
It is a \"mixed\" material that combines the high chemical resistance of epoxy resin and the advanced durability and wear resistance of polyurethane, making it a sanitary, high flow and corrosion surface area.
Green Polyurethane as a hybrid material with superior performance™Can be applied in one or two coatings, providing a popular cost
Save the replacement to the currently used multiple
Application of layered coating.
Its security features allow it to be applied without disrupting business due to public exposure, creating an additional 30-
Save customers 60% of the application fee.
Green Polyurethane Foam™Provides a high R value of up to 6.
0, energy saving up to 30% compared with traditional foam, and increased tensile strength without using dangerous ocyan salts. Recent Anti-
Us epa action plan: us epa (
Environmental Protection Bureau)
Progressive actions are being taken to regulate and potentially ban ocyan salts and mention Hybrid\'s technology as a substitute for toxic polyurethane in the MDI action plan for ocyan salts (
See page month Figovsky and Shapovalov)
Key national projects: Occupational Safety and Health Administration, June 25, 2013 (OSHA)
A Department of the US Department of Labor has launched a national focus program to protect workers from the serious health effects of occupational exposure to ocyanate.
Ocyan acid salt was found in polyurethane-based products.
According to OSHA, \"workers exposed to isoocyan acid salts may suffer from weak health problems for months or even years after exposure, which may lead to death.
California Bureau of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC)
In March 13, 2014, ocyan salts and two other substances were selected from the list of 1,100 toxic ingredients it will focus on, with the goal of completely banning them in the next two years.
The announcement is part of a bigger effort to educate consumers and manufacturers on product safety under green environmental protection
The chemical method that took effect in California last year.
Under the law, after following the appropriate agreement, the agency has the right to completely prohibit these products.
This process involves workshops, public comment periods, and requires manufacturers who wish to sell these products in California to determine whether it is feasible to use safety components.
S. Environmental Protection Agency announced on January 8, 2015 that it is taking action to protect consumers from new uses and imports of harmful ocyan salts in polyurethane.
EPA proposed an important new rule of use (SNUR)
According to the administration of toxic substances (TSCA)
Manufacturers will be required (
Including importers)
Notify EPA at least 90 days before starting or resuming new use in polyurethane consumer goods.
Then EPA will Organic will assessment expected use such as it is necessary to take action ban or limit of products containing more than 10 parts per 1 of 1% of chemical and import products fled to American.
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