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by:ZHENHUA     2020-06-01
Design I have always been white inexplicable preference for 3C goods, but also white too good-looking white, white as a texture. Let alone the Apple brand goods, HP dv5 white limited edition this has completed a fairly very good example. It is the very first priority may be the white paint with the nearby delicacy, Oh, strictly speaking, actually, HP Imprint IMR chassis, with a bright white inside the face, is just not effortless, as dirt is just not effortless to find black fingerprint . Moreover, it truly is also basic textured pattern IMR, a couple of slices of fresh green leaves diamond-shaped symbol, a whole are elegant and up. Another exceptionally superb place, is the keyboard white coating. Pavilion of the crucial each time a restricted edition painting are especially good-looking, like the dv5 keyboard so perfectly clean, although not long afraid to fight dirty, but the preference for white folks, or have unlimited appeal. Dv5-ray wave machine using the exact same visual functions, including illuminated HP logo will cover the entire plane without borders mirror screen, built-in WebCam, Altec Lansing speakers, still points to dv5 Limited Edition strengths. And compared to Common Edition dv5 light wave, white version of the overall look is pretty a lot. Green leaf pattern cover, HP mark within the pc lit blue when the operation Pavilion models the characteristics from the light wave, is the whole plane mirror frameless screen WebCam is also very delicate component, shooting light is four dots Income side of the screen the whole plane Multimedia models vital weapon - Altec Lansing speakers I / O configuration Limited Edition of I / O is virtually identical using the normal version, the only distinction is much less modem ports. But for house NB, the modem has really seldom use, and even a lot of company models have begun to cancel a modem port. dv5 providing a total of four Universal serial bus two.0 ports (second from left second from appropriate), very excellent adequate, but 1 also and for the eSATA port, an external SATA hard disk can transfer data at full speed. Other I / O are also good, such as a double earphone jack, you are able to share music with buddies or watching films, IEEE 1394 is employed to shoot their very own video clips, HDMI to connect high-quality large-size Tv, ExpressCard/54 chip-based card slot also possesses retractable remote control functions. More importantly, dv5 built-in analog / digital dual Television set card, just connect the antenna cable component video or digital cable, it is possible to happily watch Tv, and also the use of video / digital translation and also of functions, easy to take pleasure in their leisure time . Front: IR receiver window, Mic hole, headphone jack x2 Back with no any I / O Left side: VGA video, HP dedicated expansion port, the network department, HDMI, eSATA / Universal serial bus Combo, Universal serial bus, IEEE 1394, ExpressCard/54 (the remote manage may also be retractable name card), 5-in-one card reader Right: Compact Disc Read- - Only Memory drive, USBx2, Television set antenna hole (to cancel the modem port), anti-theft lock, power supply hole Left with HDMI with eSATA / Universal series bus Combo Input device White version with the keyboard module with the distinction among Standard Edition dv5, only the color of buttons to my preferences, of course, that white light shining before the keyboard than pretty significantly. Totem touch pad also has green leaves, to ensure that the inner surface of white feeling lively once again. Side in the lock button on the HP Pavilion dv5 touchpad, external mouse, touch pad function can be turned off to keep away from inadvertently typing to go to. Specification components The restricted edition HP Pavilion, specifications may possibly not be upgraded. This time, like the white Soho Restricted Edition, Regular Edition specification on the much more (dv5-1003tx) lower. The primary distinction may be the Core two Duo processor has been replaced with low-end Pentium Dual-Core. Plus, exactly the same memory is 2GB, however the two into 1, so there may be no dual channel. Tough disk capacity is rather less, but additionally owing to this, but Soho Restricted Edition price is much lower than the common version. The following will be the HP Pavilion dv5 Soho Limited Edition principal specifications: - Processor Intel Pentium Dual Processor T3400 (2.16GHz) - Screen Resolution 15.four ''WXGA (glossy screen) - no frame design - Operating Method Windows Vista Property Premium - Memory 2GB (2GBx1) 800MHz DDR2 memory - Graphics Nvidia GeForce 9600M-GT 512MB - Hard Disk 250GB (5400 rpm) - CD-ROM drive Digital video disc RW Double Layer burner LightScribe double-layer write speed of light - Built-in Wireless 802.11a/b/g Bluetooth v2.0 devices - Built-in analog / digital Television set tuner Look in the difference we really feel great most of the CPU efficiency. Pentium Dual-Core is easy to mistakenly assume that the old days from the Pentium M processor, but in truth it is the 65nm procedure, Merom micro-architecture, the equivalent of the previous Core Duo dual-core processors. Restricted Edition to use the stone dv5 T3400, as an example, its 2.16GHz clock are also regarded as not low, but compared to mainstream Core 2 Duo-FSB 1066MHz/3MB L2, it really is FSB 667MHz/1MB L2 was relatively weak. Just take a look at the gap among the performance specifications that are not allowed, so I use a bit bit CINEBENCH test. Get closer to the specifications of Core 2 Duo P8400 (2.26GHz, 3MB, 1066, 45nm Penryn) as control group, it has a score of 403 single-core, dual-core 731 to speed up 1.81; and Pentium Dual-Core T3400 can be a single-core 355, dual-core 639 to speed up 1.80 times. Into consideration the gap among the clock, then there's not a lot worse performance computing. But the old 65nm process, Merom micro-architecture is flawed, for one thing with the heat power capacity is going to be as excellent as the new 45nm procedure, two aspects of multimedia computing power the new Penryn micro-architecture is moderately robust. dv5 removable components, which includes a two.5-inch SATA hard drives, optical drives, two DDR2 memory, a Television card Mini Card format, there may be a BIOS battery is mercury batteries. One of several most recommended that you upgrade the memory, added to two dual-channel RAM to run, then performance is going to be greatly improved. Lower-level Pentium Dual-Core processor, the CPU and RAM to make dv5 scores are highest in the wind, but thankfully not too much difference, but additionally within the high end graphics chip's blessing, under the smooth operation of Vista are not as input Core two Duo models. Also, dv5 difficult disk performance is very satisfactory. Overall HP Pavilion dv5 Soho Limited Edition white look, makes the impression of light wave dv5 all changed, white body decorated with green leaves look elegant and charming. To retain all the regular version features multimedia abilities, only component of the specification reduced. Downgraded Pentium Dual-Core processor though the impact to operations efficiency, however the 9600M GT premium graphics chip to save this part in the complete back, as a online game is entirely qualified for NB. More importantly, dv5 White Soho Limited Edition priced NT $ 34900 yuan is also a lot lower than the standard version, with such a modest cost you are able to order also looks pretty strong notebook efficiency, cost-effective HP Pavilion dv5z it actually is. Oh, but if a girl, then must pay attention dv5 is really a 15-inch models, size is too huge emphasis on the yo. Advantages: 1. Elegant and charming white coating; two total multimedia feature-rich; three built-in analog / digital Tv set function; four premium independent display chip, 3D performance powerful; 5 the value fairly a bargain. Disadvantages: 1 size too huge, too much weight, when the table is more appropriate for machine use; 2 lower-level processor specifications; 3 life is weak, is just not appropriate to go out.
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