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How to set parameters on PVD vacuum coating equipment?

How to set parameters on PVD vacuum coating equipment?


How to set parameters on PVD vacuum coating equipment?

The parameter setting of PVD vacuum coating machine is mainly carried out on the operation panel, and the corresponding adjustment is made with the increase of the vacuum value of the vacuum chamber before the winding work starts.

In the main operation screen:

"Evaporation shutdown voltage" setting key, used to set the percentage of the voltage of the evaporation boat when the winding stops, unit: %;

"Evaporation boat voltage display", displays the percentage of the current working voltage of the evaporation boat, unit: %;

"Wire feeding speed display", used to display the wire feeding speed, unit: %

(Note: the value will be automatically cleared after each stop of wire feeding).

Length meter, showing the current winding length of the material, unit: m;

"Clear" key is used to clear the display value of length;

"Initial measurement error" is when the value of "Initial unwinding diameter input" does not match the actual unwinding diameter, and the error exceeds the "unwinding initial diameter error value positive setting" and the "unwinding initial diameter error value negative" When setting the preset range between ", after the winding system starts to run, this icon will flash to show an alarm, and it will stop automatically. At this time, the actual winding diameter of the unwinding should be re-measured and input again. Then restart the operation.

When the "Film break detection" button is enabled, the current winding status of the winding system will be displayed. When a film break occurs, the icon will flash to indicate an alarm, and the words "normal" and "broken film" will be displayed at the same time.

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