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How to repair and maintain the diffusion pump in the vacuum coating equipment

How to repair and maintain the diffusion pump in the vacuum coating equipment


How to repair and maintain the diffusion pump in the vacuum coating equipment?

Diffusion pump is the main component of vacuum coating machine, which belongs to high vacuum pump, which enables the machine to run in state. It is usually very important for the maintenance and maintenance of diffusion pump of vacuum coating machine. Today I will share with you the maintenance knowledge of the diffusion pump of the vacuum coating machine.

1. The cooling water of the diffusion pump must be smooth during the working process. After the heating is stopped, the cooling water can only be turned off after the working fluid of the pump is completely cooled.

2. When the diffusion pump stops working, the pump should be kept in vacuum to avoid the deterioration of the pump oil.

3. The pumped gas should be dry, non-corrosive and dust-free gas.

4. If the diffusion pump is not in use temporarily, it should be kept in vacuum during storage to avoid contamination of pump oil and corrosion of various components, and the remaining water in the cooling water should be blown clean. Keep room temperature between 10 - 40 degrees Celsius

5. The performance of the diffusion pump will gradually deteriorate after long-term operation, and should be checked regularly. Such as: whether the oil in the pump is reduced or oxidized, refuel or replace it according to the corresponding requirements; the parts and pump cavity are first cleaned with aviation gasoline, then scrubbed with acetone, dried at 80-100 degrees Celsius or dried with a hair dryer. After processing, assemble them in sequence, keep the pump core and the pump bottom vertical, the pump cavity is concentric, and the gaps of the nozzles at all levels should be adjusted according to the original requirements.

6. After the water has evaporated and dried, install the pump core, add new diffusion pump oil, and put it back into the body, connect the water pipe, and install the electric stove board to restart.

7. Before restarting, pay attention to leak detection. The method is: start the maintenance pump and close the vacuum chamber door. After a few minutes, observe whether the vacuum degree is 0pa 6*10. Otherwise, check for leaks and check if the sealing rubber ring at the connection is installed or damaged. The hidden air leakage can be eliminated by heating first, otherwise the diffusion pump oil will burn out and cannot enter the working state.

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