how to repair a peeling deck stain

by:ZHENHUA     2020-09-02
Q: my back deck was painted on the deck in spring 2016.
A year later, in some places, the coating began to fall off and exposed bare wood. What to do?
Deca: Behr, the manufacturer of DeckOver, describes this coating as a stain, but it certainly fits the definition of paint that most people think.
It is opaque, completely hiding the wood grain, and it is very thick, located on the surface of the wood.
It even fills in cracks and gaps less than an inch wide, which makes it look more like a semi-painted half putty.
When asked what qualifications it has to be considered a stain, one of the company\'s customer service department said it was its own
Start and selfsealing.
\"It\'s more like a sticky stain,\" he said . \"
\"It created a movie --
Form stains on the top.
Regardless of the semantics, there may be several reasons for the divestiture you see.
The surface may not be completely cleaned leaving loose fibers.
The coatings can stick well to them, but they and the coating may fall off if they are not glued to the wood below.
Or the initial coating may not be thick enough.
Behr\'s instructions on DeckOver stipulate that on every 75 square feet of deck you will need a gallon to purchase the two coats you need.
\"You have to measure your deck,\" said the customer service representative . \" He was only allowed to name Josh according to company policy.
\"You can\'t just stare at it.
It will look beautiful after a coat.
But it needs a certain thickness of the Mil for continuous use.
It\'s 10 when you do it.
It is about the thickness of three copy paper. (
Mils means a few parts per thousand. )What to do now?
First, remove all loose coatings.
The easiest way is to use an electric washing machine.
You can rent one or hire someone, but make sure the pressure is not higher than 1200 psi (
Pounds per square inch)
This should not damage where it is-
Stick to it, Josh said, but all loose material should be removed.
Then let the deck dry for a few days.
During this period, polish any rough edges or whole parts of the wood where they suddenly turn into peeled parts.
The idea is to eliminate any sharp edges because the coating is hard to catch.
Once the deck is relatively dry, clean the entire surface with Behr Premium Allin-
There is no wood cleaner. 63 (
Home Depot is $10 a gallon. com).
The 1 gallon cleaner is diluted with the same amount of water to handle the 400 square foot deck.
Work in sections, rinse the surface with water in the hose, apply a large amount of detergent with a pump sprayer, brush, mop or roller, and wait for 10 to 15 minutes.
During this time, the cleaner should not dry on the surface, which is the reason to treat only a short section at a time, especially if your deck is in the sun or when it is windy.
After the waiting time is over, scrub the area with stiff
Bribroom or brush, then rinse with water in the hose.
Do not use an electric washing machine this time unless set to very low pressure, 500 psi.
If you are going to wet the deck again while using the cleaner, why do the deck have to dry for a few days after you have powered the cleaning?
Five to seven days later, Josh said, the detergent lost its effectiveness in preparing the surface to catch the coating well.
Therefore, if the deck is too wet when applying a cleaner, the wood in the window will not be dry enough when you need to apply the coating.
When the deck is dry again, if there are fewer bare places, touch those up, wait for three or four hours, and then give the whole deck a fresh coat.
If there\'s a lot of bare places, skip the touch
Two coats for the entire deck.
Another tip: Josh said he called the company\'s customer service number 800-854-0133.
A customer service representative will check what you did and explain what you can try now, as Josh said, \"come up with a solution.
When asked if this means offering a free coating, he said: \"We have provided the customer with the product to repair the coating.
We\'re here to help.
Q: The front door of my house needs to be renovated.
The estimated cost of two handyman is expensive (
Within $850)
Because in the process of polishing and painting, a lot of Labor and the need to disassemble and install the door many times.
A handyman suggested painting the door.
What is your opinion?
Bethesda A: Indeed, the paint may last longer than the transparent surface of the outer door, especially when the door is directly exposed to sunlight.
The ultraviolet rays in the sun break down the glue that the wood fibers gather together-the wood fibers.
The use of a transparent coating of UV inhibitors or interceptors can slow down the damage but cannot prevent it.
So at some point, unless you restore the finish regularly, the fibers on the surface lose grip on the fibers below, and they and the surface coating fall off.
However, the paint is opaque, so it effectively prevents UV rays from reaching the wood, and this protection will last as long as the paint is on the door.
The paint may fade or fade over time.
But there is a simple solution: apply a fresh coat of paint.
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