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by:ZHENHUA     2020-03-24
UV coating is usually applied to window glass as a means to transfer harmful UV rays into your home.
UV or UV radiation is emitted from the sun, and according to the melanoma Education Foundation, UV rays increase your risk of melanoma and other skin diseases
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If you want to remove the UV coating from the glass to replace it or clean the window, you can do this by following several steps.
Collect the necessary tools to remove the UV coating.
UV coating is usually a film placed on a window through a special adhesive.
To remove the coating, you need a stainless steel blade and a pair of tweezers.
Press the razor blade into the window and gently cut 6-
The inch vertical line in the movie.
Make sure you do not use excessive pressure as this will cut the actual glass. Cut a 6-
Across the horizontal line of inches cut vertically.
Select the film where vertical and horizontal lines meet tweezers. When 1-
Release inches of UV coated film from the glass, gently grab the coating and pull it in a smooth way.
Repeat until the UV coating is completely removed from the glass.
Mix 2 tablespoons of hand sanitizer with 1 glass of water.
Immerse the sponge in the cleaning solution and clean the glass to remove the remaining adhesive.
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