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How to properly maintain the vacuum pump of PVD plastic vacuum aluminum coationg machine?

How to properly maintain the vacuum pump of PVD plastic vacuum aluminum coationg machine?


How to properly maintain the vacuum pump of PVD plastic vacuum aluminum coationg machine?

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1. Check the oil level frequently. If it does not meet the requirements, adjust it to meet the requirements. When the vacuum pump is running, the oil level reaches the center of the oil mark.

2. The oil change interval is determined by the user according to the actual usage and whether it can meet the performance requirements. Generally, a new type of vacuum pump pumps out clean and dry gas. It is recommended to change the oil once about 100 hours of work. After no ferrous metal powder can be seen in the oil, the oil change interval can be appropriately extended in the future.

3. Regularly check the oil quality and replace it in time if it deteriorates to ensure the normal operation of the vacuum pump.

4. Under normal circumstances, the vacuum pump should be overhauled after 2000 hours of operation, check the aging degree of the rubber seals, check the exhaust valve for cracks, and clean up the dirt accumulated on the valve and exhaust valve seat. Clean the parts in the entire vacuum pump cavity, such as rotors, blades, springs, etc., generally clean and dry with gasoline. After cleaning the rubber parts, wipe them with a dry cloth. When cleaning and assembling, handle with care to avoid damage.

5. Add bearing lubricating oil to the bearing body, observe the oil level in the center line of the oil mark, and replace or replenish the lubricating oil in time.

6. Check whether the vacuum pump pipes and joints are loose. Turn the vacuum pump by hand to see if it is flexible.

7. After reassembly, it should be put into trial operation. Generally, it needs 2 hours idling and oil change twice. Since the vacuum pump will have a certain amount of volatile matter during the cleaning process, it can be put into normal operation after normal operation.

8. Start the motor. When the vacuum pump is working normally, open the outlet pressure gauge and the inlet vacuum pump. Open the gate valve gradually according to the appropriate pressure, and check the motor load at the same time.

9. Try to control the flow and head of the vacuum pump within the range indicated on the label to ensure that the vacuum pump runs at the efficiency point, so as to achieve energy-saving effects.

10. When the vacuum pump is out of use, first close the gate valve and pressure gauge, and then stop the motor.

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