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How to prevent and control the pollution of oil diffusion pump vacuum system?

How to prevent and control the pollution of oil diffusion pump vacuum system?


How to prevent and control the pollution of oil diffusion pump vacuum system?



The oil diffusion pump vacuum system is a widely used vacuum system in the PVD vacuum coating process. The system can obtain a vacuum degree in the range of 1.3*10⁻³Pa~1.3*10⁻⁵Pa. The vacuum system composed of oil diffusion pump as the main pump is used in various vacuum equipment. After long-term use of these vacuum equipment, the vacuum cannot be pumped up, or the original ultimate vacuum level cannot be pumped. . The reasons for this need to be analyzed in detail. Possible factors include: leakage of weld seam, loosening of movable seal, damage to vacuum valve or vacuum pump components, etc. In addition, the inner wall of the coated vacuum chamber is polluted by certain oil vapor, and various pollutants adhered during the production process may also be one of the main sources of pollution.


The method of pollution prevention and control of the vacuum system of the main pump of the oil diffusion pump is to clean the vacuum chamber of the coating machine, the oil-sealed mechanical vacuum pump, and the oil-metal diffusion pump regularly.


1. Cleaning of the vacuum chamber:


There are many details that must be paid attention to when cleaning the vacuum chamber. Before opening the vacuum chamber, the vacuum valve between the oil diffusion pump and the vacuum chamber must be closed to prevent pollutants from falling into the diffusion pump. Use gauze or silk cloth to wipe off particulate contaminants on the inner wall of the vacuum chamber. Use fine sandpaper to gently grind off surface rust marks, oxide layers and other pollution. Use clean gasoline, alcohol, acetone or methanol to scrub the oil stains on the surface, and finally wipe the surface with silk cloth until there are no ash marks.


2. Cleaning after disassembly of the oil-sealed mechanical pump:


1. The sequence of cleaning fluid: waste gasoline-gasoline-aviation gasoline.


2. Thoroughly remove the dirt from the oil passage, gas passage, and oil tank. The oil passage is blown through and dried with compressed air to avoid leaving cleaning residue.


3. If there are burrs, rust, etc., gently rub with fine oil stone or metallographic sandpaper, paying attention to the damage of the surface parts.


4. Use a small amount of acetone or methanol to wipe the surface of the parts with cotton cloth or silk cloth one by one (be careful not to wipe with cotton yarn to avoid cotton filaments remaining on the surface of the parts).


5. Wipe the cleaned parts with silk cloth, dry the parts with hot air, and then place them in the storage cabinet.


3. Undisassembled cleaning of oil-sealed mechanical pump:


For the cleaning of the vacuum system of the oil diffusion pump without obvious failure, it is usually carried out without dismantling the pump, only the old oil and dirt are discharged through the oil drain hole. Then inject new oil into the air inlet, slowly rotate the pump a few times, and then release the injected oil. Repeat this one or two times, and finally inject new oil into the air inlet.

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