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How to maintain the oil return of the PVD vacuum coating machine​?

How to maintain the oil return of the PVD vacuum coating machine​?


How to maintain the oil return of the PVD vacuum coating machine?

PVD vacuum coating machine

Question: How to repair the oil return of the vacuum electroplating machine?


1. If the vacuum gauge is not damaged, there is generally no need to repair and return the oil. Mainly used to clean the oil of the diffusion pump in the vacuum chamber. Wipe all the walls of the vacuum chamber with gasoline, and then wipe again with alcohol. The key is to clean the oil. If there is oil in the room, white coating and poor paint film quality will appear. Not because of damage to the electroplating equipment, but because of the oil in the vacuum chamber.

2. If the diffusion pump of vacuum coating equipment often returns oil, the following problems may occur:

a. The cooling water path is not smooth or the water pressure is not enough, which causes the cooling capacity to decrease, the upper part of the diffusion pump becomes hot, and the oil vapor cannot be liquefied well. The solution is to connect the inlet pipe of the diffusion pump with a 4MPa gas source to blow off the scale, and the outlet pipe to connect with a 4MPa gas source to blow off the scale. If the scale is large and firm, dilute hydrochloric acid can be added. Or replace the diffusion pump.

b. The heating temperature is too high, because the power of the diffusion pump heater is inconsistent with the rated power. If it is too high, a large amount of steam will be generated, which will cause oil return. The problem can be solved by replacing the electric furnace wire.

c. If the amount of oil is too large, it is easy to cause slow and stagnant steam circulation when compressed to a lower liquid level, resulting in oil return. It is possible to avoid controlling the amount of oil based on the information provided by the manufacturer.

d. Oil oxidation, diffusion pump oil oxidation, viscosity and steam flow are all affected, the injection speed cannot be reached, and it naturally returns to the vacuum chamber. It can be said that remove the diffusion pump, take out the pump core, clean the gasoline with 120°, then polish, the carbon deposit and black oxide layer are polished off, then clean and dry with 120°, add oil again, then install, put the oil in the diffusion pump Or pour silicone oil into it and start working after heating it several times. Prevent contamination of the workpiece.

e. If the diffusion pump has been used for more than 8-10 years or used in harsh environments, it can be replaced. Improve work efficiency and maintenance costs.

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