How to install vacuum coating machine  ?
The installation is easy. You may just follow the instruction. If there are specific problems, solutions would be provided. In general, the instruction may be manual, video, etc. Sometimes the coating machine may be customized and the general instruction may be not enough. Then senior engineers may be sent to offer on-scene guidance.

Guangdong Zhenhua Technology Co., Ltd. successfully adapts to the ever changing market with its fabulous Hardness film coating equipment. Zhenhua Technology provides a wide range of Hardness film coating equipment for customers. Ultraviolet light will make the dyed items fade after a long time exposing, however, this product produces nearly zero UV radiation owing to its diffuser. Fast processing speed is one of the features of the machine. Zhenhua Technology has years of production experience for Roll to Roll Coating Equipment. The product is offered on OEM and ODM basis to meet different demands.

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