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How to improve the excellent rate of vacuum coating technology of UV vacuum coating equipment?

How to improve the excellent rate of vacuum coating technology of UV vacuum coating equipment?


How to improve the excellent rate of vacuum coating technology of UV vacuum coating equipment?

Usually according to the normal UV vacuum plating process, 1,000 PCs of material is put into vacuum plating. After the process is completed, it is difficult to reach 1,000 electroplating products that finally meet the quality requirements. The difference between the number of materials input and the number of good products obtained is the process loss of the vacuum electroplating process, which is mainly composed of the following aspects:

1. The first piece is lost; each process of vacuum coating must be inspected for the first piece before mass production, including appearance, color, gloss, reliability, trial assembly and assembly inspection. After passing the inspection, the quality control personnel will issue the first samples and start the mass production mode; when the first samples are unqualified, the technicians need to re-debug the first samples and submit them to the quality personnel for confirmation. The vacuum plating process is based on three basic procedures: primer, coat and topcoat. Each program requires first article confirmation and test inspection. An average of at least 5-10 products are required for each first article inspection. If the first piece is qualified at one time, at least 15-30 products are required for the first piece of loss in each process.

2. Loss of process sampling test; after mass production starts, in order to monitor the quality of automatic line products, quality control personnel will check the appearance and adhesion of offline products at regular intervals. This inspection mode is called process tracking inspection in the factory management system. Each follow-up inspection may require at least 3-5 products for reliability verification testing. These damaged products after reliability inspection cannot be repaired into good products and are directly scrapped. If the inspection frequency of the quality control line inspection is calculated as once every ten minutes, the number of inspection tests in one hour is six times, and the product loss of inspection and testing is 18-30 PCs;

3. Loss of disconnection; in the mass production process of vacuum electroplating, if the fixture is not tightly assembled with the product, it is easy to cause the product to trip and damage. This dripping tends to occur in unpredictable quantities during the primer, coat and topcoat process.

4. Scratch loss in process transfer: in the process of product off-line, process transfer, etc. , When people participate in the operation, due to factors such as human operation proficiency, operation methods, etc., scratches will appear between products and equipment, products and products, resulting in poor product appearance;

5. Losses due to poor appearance; after the product is off-line after electroplating, 100% appearance inspection is required before packaging and shipment. All defective products exceeding the customer's visual standard requirements will be rejected as defective products by all quality control personnel. Due to the particularity of the UV vacuum electroplating process, these electroplating products with unqualified appearance cannot be repaired or reworked into good products, and all need to be scrapped, which is the main component of the loss of the vacuum electroplating process.

To sum up, one or two reasons for material loss are the loss of quality inspection and testing, which must exist and cannot be saved; therefore, the direction of improving and improving the yield of the vacuum coating process mainly focuses on the latter three factors. The usual countermeasures are as follows:

1. Trip improvement: In the process of fixture design, various working conditions in the manufacturing process are fully considered to ensure that the clamping force matching the fixture and the product is not loose or tight, so as to prevent the product from falling off and lost in the process; train employees to assemble the fixture method. After the assembly is completed, self-check once, and then put into production after confirming that the assembly is in place;

2. Improvement of scratch: Training of staff on operation methods. After the training, managers should verify the operation effect of employees on site to ensure that all personnel operate in accordance with regulations, and avoid or minimize product damage caused by human factors;

3. Improvement of appearance defects: According to the quality control report of vacuum electroplating finished products, we can know the first three categories of manufacturing defects of any product, usually particles, dust spots, hairiness and other defects. Strengthening the dust-free control of the environment and removing dust before the product goes online can effectively improve defects such as particle dust spots.

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