How to extend electrostatic coating equipment warranty?
You are expected to contact the after-sale team to extend the warranty. Please understand that the extended warranty have terms and conditions which may not match the original terms and conditions. A new agreement or contract will be signed to make it effective.

The capacity for Anti-Fingerprints coating equipment is big enough to supply many customers at same time. Guangdong Zhenhua Technology Co., Ltd. provides a wide range of Magnetron Sputtering Coating machine for customers. Featuring 100% recyclable and no hazardous materials, the safe disposal of this product leads to zero pollution to the environment. Made of stainless steel, it is notable for its high corrosion resistance. Zhenhua Technology has large-scale integrated processing plant for Inline Sputtering System. The machine has premium impact strength and good toughness.

Vacuum Evaporation Coating Machine is now a central notion in Zhenhua Technology's service system. Inquire online!
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