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How to choose the right vacuum coating equipment manufacturer?

How to choose the right vacuum coating equipment manufacturer?


How to choose the right vacuum coating equipment manufacturer?

Vacuum coating is very common in daily life. It is not a single equipment, but a group of equipment, which is composed of vacuum system, evaporation system, evaporation auxiliary system, heating system, electrical and automatic control system of the whole machine. Nowadays, the number of vacuum coating equipment manufacturers in China is increasing. How do we choose a suitable vacuum coating equipment manufacturer?

1. The stability of the equipment must be good, and the selected accessories must be reliable. The coating machine itself is a complex system, including vacuum, automation, machinery and other systems. Unreliability of any component will lead to system instability and inconvenience to production. Therefore, a stable device should ensure that every component selected is reliable.

2. There are basically two types of vacuum pumping systems at present, one is the diffusion pump system, and the other is the molecular pump system. The molecular pump system belongs to the clean vacuum pumping system. There is no oil return phenomenon of the diffusion pump, and the pumping speed is also relatively high. It is stable and saves electricity. Electricity expenses are an important part of the production and operation costs of coating enterprises. The regular maintenance of the pump system is very important, especially the regular replacement of the lubricating oil. Pay attention to the choice of the oil brand. The wrong choice can easily damage the vacuum pump.

3. Control system, many coating machines now use fully automatic control, but there is still a big difference in automatic control. Most of them are still in semi-automatic state, which can truly realize fully automatic control and one-button operation. There are not many devices, and whether there is sufficient safety interlock in operation in automatic control, and functional modules are also very different.

4. The gap between vacuum power supply, domestic power supply and imported power supply is still relatively obvious. Of course, the price of domestic power supply is relatively favorable. A domestic 20KW intermediate frequency power supply is about 80,000 yuan, and an imported intermediate frequency power supply is 200,000 yuan. The performance of the imported power supply is similar to The reliability and stability will be better. Since the domestic power supply is produced in China, the general service is better than the imported power supply.

5. Cooling water circulation system, the coating needs to be equipped with a cooling water circulation system, the cooling water is best to use deionized water, which has a great effect on anti-corrosion, especially the welding bead of the vacuum chamber, some parts that are easy to rust, can be used in deionized water. Adding some preservatives can also be preservative.

6. Whether it is necessary to configure the low-temperature collector PolyCold, the low-temperature collector can be said to be the icing on the cake, which can greatly improve the suction speed, adsorb the condensable gas in the vacuum chamber on the cold coil, purify the atmosphere in the vacuum chamber, improve the film layer quality, thereby improving production efficiency.

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