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How is the PVD vacuum coating machine manufactured?

How is the PVD vacuum coating machine manufactured?


How is the PVD vacuum coating machine manufactured?

PVD vacuum coating equipment

Many bystanders want to know how the multifunctional PVD vacuum coating equipment is composed. Is the device capable of multiple functions, or is it composed of multiple functional components? In fact, it is not. Let's take a look at this device:

The multifunctional vacuum coating machine is a hybrid equipment of magnetron sputtering, multi-arc ion coating and sweat coating. On the basis of the multi-arc ion coating machine, it is equipped with a cylindrical target material or a planar magnetron target material. The equipment has the characteristics of high ionization rate and high accumulation speed of ion plating. It also has the advantages of low magnetron sputtering temperature and good stability, and is suitable for plating various composite films.

Multifunctional PVD vacuum coating machine-magnetron intermediate frequency multi-arc ion coating. Specific introduction:

(1) Perspiration magnetron sputtering mixing equipment: multifunctional, suitable for mass production, and strong adaptability.

(2) Mixed application of magnetron sputtering and multi-arc ion plating: multi-arc can improve the quality of shelling and cleaning, and increase the adhesion between the film and the substrate. With magnetron sputtering, composite film can be plated (high-energy ion source cleaning and activation, fast film forming speed).

(3) Mixed application of multiple intermediate frequency magnetron sputtering targets and column arc ion plating: 1. The intermediate frequency target is more stable (such as aluminum), has high ionization rate, fast accumulation speed, and uniform film formation. 2. Intermediate frequency reactive sputtering, such as plating SiO2 and TiO2, and simultaneously plating a variety of thin films of different materials.

(4) Mixed application of RF, DC, IF and column arc: RF can be directly coated with insulating protective film, such as SiO2/Ag/SiO2

(5) Mixed application of cylindrical arc, intermediate frequency arc and multi-arc: the cylindrical arc ensures high ionization rate, reduces the accumulation of large particles, and has good adhesion and surface finish.

The multifunctional vacuum coating machine is suitable for medium and high-end products such as watchbands, watch cases, spectacle frames, mobile phone cases, golf tools, sanitary ware, jewelry, etc.

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