home clinic; keeping outdoor furniture in shape

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Good quality outdoor furniture is designed to withstand a variety of weather, but the furniture will last longer and look better if preventive maintenance is performed on a regular basis.
At the beginning of the outdoor season, after taking out the lawn and courtyard furniture for storage, thoroughly dust all the debris, and then rinse each piece of furniture clean with mild detergent and aqueous solution.
If it is not washed out frequently, the accumulation of dirt and air pollutants will not only accelerate the pitting, oxidation and corrosion of all metals, but also lead to premature discoloration and aging of most plastic and fabric materials.
Even the finish of painting, dyeing and painting will last longer, and it will look better if kept clean by frequent cleaning.
After each piece is cleaned and dried, check each piece to see if all nuts, bolts, screws and other fasteners are tightened.
Tighten those fasteners that feel loose using a screwdriver and wrench, replace any fasteners that cannot be tightened, or those that are missing or heavily rusted.
Make sure that any new fasteners you install are rust-proof (
Aluminium, stainless steel or galvanized).
If you have folded parts or parts with wheels, spray each bearing, pivot joint and moving or sliding parts with silicone lubricant or lubrication spray containing Teflon.
Do not use normal oil, as this can build up and attract dirt, and dirty clothes when people sit on furniture.
In order to extend the life of lawn and courtyard furniture and maintain the appearance, the homeowner should follow some other maintenance procedures: aluminum furniture: Although this metal will not rust or corrosion in the usual sense, but it will be affected by the hemp point and oxidation, which may cause the metal to look dull and dirty.
Frequent cleaning can help, especially with baked goods
But if the metal is not painted and has been severely oxidized and the pit marks are beginning to be displayed, then simple cleaning will no longer help much.
Instead, try rubbing the ads with soap
Thin wire dip pad (
The kind sold to the kitchen)
, Or try to rub
00 steel wool has been immersed in paint thinner or kerosene.
When the metal is fairly smooth and clean, wash with a gentle detergent and rinse with clear water.
Dry with an old towel, then wipe on the light coating of the car wax and wipe with a soft cloth.
Wash the metal every few months and wax it to maintain the polishing effect and prevent the pitting. (
Regular cleaning and waxing will also help to save the finish on the part that the factory has finished baking
On enamel or some kind of plastic coating. )
The seats and backrests of most aluminum furniture are made of plastic straps or plastic fabrics that can withstand the effects of the weather, but it is important to remember that, most of these materials will shorten their life because they are constantly exposed to the sun. All fabrics -
Plastic or canvas
Exposure to UV light will fade for a few hours, and most plastic materials will also age faster and become brittle.
That\'s why it\'s always a good idea to cover these shards when they\'re not used for a while.
When the seat and back rests need to be replaced, you can purchase web bing kits specifically sold for this purpose in many hardware stores, home centers and department stores.
These are equipped with installation and installation instructions. One-piece, sling-
Most chairs, recliner chairs, and lounge rooms are equipped with canvas or plastic seats.
Mahogany furniture: Mahogany is the weather-
Resistant wood resistant to rot and warping, but most types still split when constantly exposed.
In most cases, if properly maintained, the wood will also begin to turn gray and lose most of its natural color in less than a year.
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That\'s why many paint companies make special sealers and stains for mahogany furniture, and why most furniture manufacturers recommend using the sealers on a regular basis to protect the wood.
A good seal not only helps to preserve the furniture and make it look better, but also helps the wood to remove water and dirt more effectively, making it easier to clean.
As mentioned, after cleaning and cleaning the furniture, check all the nuts and bolts to see if there is serious rust.
If so, replace them with new fasteners that are rust proof
Otherwise, rust spots will be formed that are almost impossible to remove.
Next, polish all exposed surfaces with media
Fine sandpaper like No.
150 or 180, then wipe thoroughly with a rag stained with paint thinners.
Now apply one or two layers of water-
Insect repellent mahogany sealant for furniture.
These are transparent or colored.
The person who added the color will help to restore the original color of the work that faded or started graying.
Many brands offer a choice of semi-gloss or high gloss, but in most cases the semi-gloss will look better.
Rattan and Wicker: Although this material is very weather-
Resistant, the sun does make the material dry and brittle-
This is why this type of furniture is best placed in direct sunlight for most of the time.
Moisture keeps the wicker elastic, so some experts recommend soaking the Wicker in water once a year to prevent it from becoming brittle and cracked.
If there are loose ends that stand out, wet them to make them softer and apply some water
Fix the loose end with rust proof tape or DingTalk.
You can buy a new length of wicker or rattan to replace torn or missing pieces, but this repair is hard to complete successfully for inexperienced amateurs.
Most Wicker and rattan furniture is either painted or painted, so it is important to keep the paint.
Wash with mild detergent, rinse with clear water when the finish is dirty, and then dry for a few days before re-painting or re-painting.
Spraying is by far the easiest and fastest method, whether using an airbrush or an aerosol spray tank.
Keep the extra spray handy at any time and try to touch them as soon as exposed spots are found, in order to delay the day that needs to be fully patched.
It is better not to use wax or polish on this furniture as it will make the patching more difficult.
Wrought iron: good wrought iron furniture comes with a factory finish that prevents rust for many years, but if it is scratched or the finish is badly worn, then the bare metal may be exposed and rust.
To prevent this, touch the bare spots with rust
As soon as metal primer is found, prevent them --
Even the bare place is on the bottom or back of the work.
Once Rust begins, it will spread under paint and cause the nearby parts to peel off;
That\'s why it\'s so important to stop it from the beginning.
Questions about house repairs should be addressed to Bernard Gladstone of The New York Times, 229 West 43d Street, New York. Y. 10036.
This column will answer questions of general interest;
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A version of this article was printed on page NJ11 of the National edition on May 17, 1987, with the title: Family Clinic;
Keep the shape of the outdoor furniture.
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