Hiring labor for painting a home is an expensive affair

by:ZHENHUA     2020-08-31
Pressure cleaning involves directing water over a wall or surface at high pressure using pressure cleaners. The force of the water is adjusted with the help of a nozzle. The machine is portable, user-friendly and can be operated by anyone. The surface to be painted has to be pressure cleaned thoroughly to ensure that the paint coating adheres perfectly to the surface. The cleaning procedure has to be altered depending on the surface that is to be painted. If the surface is made of wood or stucco it is important to fill any cracks with putty. Sufficient time should be given after filling the gaps for proper setting and then pressure cleaners should be used. Pressure cleaning has to be done from the bottom up covering narrow areas of the surface with requisite gallons of water per minute. The floor surrounding the surface or wall that is to be painted has to be covered with a tarpaulin or other suitable material so that the chips of old paint or other materials that fall off during cleaning can be collected easily and disposed off. This will also ensure that any mud or sand abutting the wall that is being cleaned does not spill over and spoil the surface. Windows and doors made of glass should be adequately protected before using high pressure cleaners. Electric sockets, appliances and wiring in the vicinity should be properly covered while using the cleaner. If there are plants and trees bordering the area that is being pressure cleaned they should be properly watered and the stems of plants should be secured by tying with a cord or rope. The person using the machine should wear suitable clothing and cover his eyes with goggles or appropriate eyewear to avoid any damage being caused due to splinters that might detach from the surface due to water gushing out at high pressure. Protective gloves should be worn by the person operating the cleaner. The surface that s to be painted has to be primarily watered and scrubbed with a sandpaper to remove layers of old paint before pressure cleaning. Detergents and recommended cleaning agents can be put in the cleaner and sprayed or they might be used to clean the surface prior to pressure cleaning. As a safety measure, infants and children should not be allowed into the vicinity during pressure cleaning. Pressure cleaning is safe, convenient, time-saving and cost-effective way of cleaning a surface that has to be painted. Proper planning, adherence to safety measures and using requisite cleaning agents along with high pressure cleaners will increase the beauty and aesthetic appeal of your dwelling in contrast to manual cleaning that is laborious and expensive.
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