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by:ZHENHUA     2020-09-01
UV-cured coatings have been around for nearly 50 years, but until recently they have become a major part of the global paint market.
Businesses today face increased global competition, high labor rates and policies related to air emissions, waste removal and safety and health.
Therefore, for the wood finish machine, it is necessary to use the labor-intensive finish that can be quickly applied and dried to achieve high
Production speed.
They have little impact on work and the natural environment.
The word UV refers to ultraviolet rays.
These UV coatings are solvent-free and almost non-volatile.
They are a solid foundation for 100%. i. e.
The complete liquid is converted into a solid film.
UV coated fabric remains liquid unless exposed to UV rays.
Many manufacturers use UV coatings because they provide fast curing, high quality and eco-friendly alternatives to traditional coatings \"UV coatings\", which means that surface treatment can be cured by UV radiation, or by protecting the material from its critical impact.
The UV coating is a very polished, glossy coating that is applied to the surface of the printed paper and dried using UV rays.
The polished appearance of the UV coating makes it notable and accepted when printing the cover on the paperback novel.
There are many benefits to ultraviolet rays (UV)
Curing coating.
It can provide significant benefits for manufacturers: improve efficiency, Shorten drying time, reduce floor space demand at the same time, reduce power costs (
Up to 75%)
Low VOC emission of zero solvent-
Partial recipe specific pot time environment friendly Easy biodegradable easy disposable energy saving more durable high production speed UV coating application is a structured coating system that can provide the best response to some external stimuli
They react in a selective manner to external conditions such as temperature, stress, strain, or environment.
UV curing coatings are widely used in the fields of paper and cardboard, graphic art, CD and flexo printing, optical fiber, automotive coatings, plastic coatings, wood coatings, etc.
UV curing overprinting varnish is widely used in printing and packaging industry.
UV curing ink is used for different printing equipment such as flexible version, offset version and live version.
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