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by:ZHENHUA     2020-06-13
HP along with other members of LTO consortium starts its regular production in year 2000. First HP C7971A LTO1, starts with outstanding features, design, durability and performance. Data storage is always been main concern for the users of data storage devices, and most of data managers always gives preference to big data storage options. HP LTO1, has a better solution for demanding storage requirements, and offers much needed 100 GB native and 200 GB compressed data storage ability which give benefits to many users of magnetic tapes with massive improvement in storage with same compact size which they can carry with them. LTO1, give a huge boosts to LTO technology and coming generation of LTO tapes, and become a success full start with reliable, outstanding and durable data storage option which is best and most economical source for storage information. LTO-1, Ultrium tapes also worked on data transfer speed which is most important for storage process, excellent data transfer speed with 20 MB/Sec native and 40 MB/Sec compressed form, with more reliability and excellent security within fast speed. C7971A, is excellent choice for many small and medium size businesses, enterprises, busy data centers, mid range data workstations and many other data storage related environments. HP is continuing improved the basic technology of LTO tapes and give excellent starts with HP LTO 1 tapes, Ultra fine coating techniques and solid base film give more reliability to HP LTO 1 with use of very small and thinner metal particles which gives excellent, even and smoother base film surface with 384 data tracks and 609M long tape reel. LTO1 Ultrium, has a excellent basic feature which is most important part of LTO technology Memory Chip or LTO-CM which has its own 4KB data storage ability and kept most important and reliable information about the HP LTO 1 tape, and communicate with LTO Ultrium 1 tape drive and autoloaders during loading and unloading processes, and protect the important data and usage history of cartridge. LTO media, is fully compatible with all LTO Ultrium 1 tape drive and autoloaders and give excellent performance in all sorts of working operations. C7971A LTO-1 tape, has been designed with very compact size and offers remarkable long term ability to archived storage data with thousands of working operation in very tense situations. Sony, Imation, IBM, Fuji, TDK, Quantum, Maxell and HP C7971A LTO 1 tapes are obtainable at itdevicesonline.com with remarkable quality and reasonably priced.
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