Have you cleaned your prescription glasses arbitrary

by:ZHENHUA     2020-06-05
Most current glasses lenses were made of resin, for this kind of lenses, soap and water are enough for clean them. You should washing then gently and dry them with special eye glasses cloth. Such kind of cloth is very cheap. Some glasses salesman will give free of charge. I am now washing my glasses every day like this. It is bright like a pair of new glasses. We know that Resin glasses might have static, so it is easily dirty. But you should always keep in minds that do not clean your glasses lenses when it is in dry state. Please do remember use water washes them first and then dry them with lens cloth. If you have time to optical shops, you can ask them use ultrasonic cleaning machine clean your lenses. They usually offer this service of free of charge. Except that, there are some attentions we must careful deal with. The principle for maintain glasses lens is to keep them clean and bright, non-stick oil and to avoid scratch. A good idea to wipe the lenses is use tap water rinse, or uses a neutral soap cleaned lenses. You should also clean the slit between frames, use a soft old toothbrush to scrub them gently to remove dirt. Moreover, in our daily life, the glasses should avoid contact with hot things, because the high temperature might cause the take off of lenses coating due to inconsistent expansion and contraction of the lens. What's more, Lenses should also avoid contacting with strong organic solvents, like acetone. That because these organic solvents will affect the degree of finish of lens. At last, we should also pay attention to the way of put eyeglasses into spectacles case. You should first wrap up your glasses lenses, then, folded the temples of eyeglasses and put them in cases.
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