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GX2700 Optical coating equipment case

GX2700 Optical coating equipment case


GX2700 Optical coating equipment case

Our customer Mr Joseph Met is a mobile phone component manufacturer from USA.

He has a mobile phone cover processing factory in China now. His business is mainly come from a variety of well-known mobile phone brands factories.In order to increase the production capacity of coating equipment, Mr Joseph Met began to look for professional vacuum coating equipment manufacturers. When he searched our official website, he learned that Guangdong Zhenhua Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional vacuum coating equipment manufacturer and have R&D, sales,production and service departments,can offer a very good service to customers. He is very interested in our factory.

In Aug 2019, Mr Joseph Met came to visit our company. After communicated with Zhenhua's process engineers, Mr Joseph Met's requirements is confirmed.We recommended our GX2700 PVD optical vacuum coating machine to him which is newest and have stable running performance, the most important is the machine have biggest capacity. The inner chamber size of the GX2700 is: Ф2700*1950mm, equipped with one set imported electron gun, USA brand film thickness gauge and ion source, can make AR/AF film on glass, PET film or plastic composite board. And also include color film, gradient film and non-conductive bright silver film layer can be coated on those surface. As the market's pursuit of the appearance of mobile phones continues to escalate, the gradient color is increasingly sought after by the market. Mr Joseph Met is very excited about this machine.

After discussion,sample making and visits, Mr Joseph Met gave a very high affirmation to our company strength. And he was very satisfied with our GX2700 optical vacuum coating machine. Finally, he decided to purchase 10 sets machines for the new factory.

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