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  • GX1350 Optical lens coating machine Optical PVD coating machine
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GX1350 Optical lens coating machine Optical PVD coating machine
GX1350 Optical lens coating machine Optical PVD coating machine

GX1350 Optical lens coating machine Optical PVD coating machine

Brand Name
Place of Origin
Material of Vacuum Room
Stainless steel
Wooden box
OEM/ODM Availability
Delivery Time
50 Days
Start Port
Guangzhou or Shenzhen
Supply ability
15 sets per month
1 set
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Introduction of equipment

Optical coating machine can produce various film, such as short wave pass, long wave pass, antireflective film, reflective film, filter film, spectroscopic film, dielectric film, high reflective film, color reflective film and so on. It can realize 0-99 layers of film system structure and also meet the requirements of automobile reflective glass, telescope, spectacles, optical lens, cold light cup,. etc.


The machine is equipped with umbrella-shaped multi-sheet fixture or single arched workpiece umbrella holder, with different evaporation sources, electron guns, ion sources and film thickness gauges. It can be used to deposit various film systems, evaporate metals, oxides, compounds and other high melting point materials, and realize superhard coating on glass surface.

Optical coating machine can produce Reflection film, filter, optical lens, electronic product, acrylic, glass, lamp, mobile window, glasses, diving mirror, telescope, microscope, stage light, lighting lampshade, mobile phone shell and so on. It can produce in magic, gold,sliver, red, yellow, green, blue and other colors.


In addition, optical coating machine can also be applied to touch screen panel, glass AF film and metal AF film, rust prevention, anti-fouling, nano-protective film. Antifouling film (AS), also known as waterproof film or anti-fingerprint film (AF film), mainly deposits organic fluoride materials on the substrate by vacuum coating technology, making the surface of the substrate waterproof, anti-oil, anti-fingerprint, anti-pollution and other functions.














Vacuum chamber structure

Vertical single zdoor, Horizontal single door

Clamping system

Revolving umbrella frame on the center, single or split. Magnetic fluid sealing device is adopted, and the speed of clamp is adjusted by imported frequency  converter.

Vacuum system

Molecular pump / Cryogenic pump / Diffusion pump + mechanical pump / rotary vane pump + roots pump + holding pump + POLDCOLD (optional)

Coating System

Crucible (hole / ring / hole + ring) +electron gun + Crystal diaphragm thickness controller (SQC310) + ion source + Resistance steam source

Control system

Fully automatic, semi-automatic, manual integrated touch screen / industrial computer + PLC


Stainless Steel 

Coating material

TiO2, Ti3O5, ZrO2, ITO,SiO, SiO2, ZnS, MgO, MgF2, Al2O3, Ce, HfO2, Cr, Ag, Au, Ti, Al, H4, In, Sn


AR, AF, AS, HR film, UV / IR cut-off filter, band-pass filters ,.etc

Ultimate Pressure8×10-4pa (no load, clean)
Pumping speedPumping from no load and atmosphere to 3 × 10-3Pa ≤ 15min
Remark Equipment demension can be customized according to customer requirements.

Mobile phone shell vacuum coating machine/NCVM film Non conductive metallization coationg machine




Question 1: What products does this coating equipment apply to?

Answer: The optical coating equipment is suitable for lens and plastic products. It is suitable for optical lens, electronic flat glass, acrylic, glasses, sunglasses, lamps, mobile phone cover glass, mobile phone lens, mobile phone battery back cover, stage lighting, etc. it can be plated with antireflection film, antifouling film, filter, illusion color, red five color, red yellow green blue and other seven color.


Question 2: What kind of coating process does this equipment use and what effect does it achieve?

Answer: The optical coating equipment uses the principle of electron beam evaporation coating, combined with the electronic gun, ion source and crystal diaphragm thickness controller with superior performance, to make the precise multi-layer medium film or metal film, antireflection(AF) film, antifouling(AF/AS) film, filter, illusion color, red five color, red yellow green blue and other seven color decoration film, and can coating 0-99 layers of optical film.


Question 3: What are the advantages of Zhenhua's optical coating equipment?

Answer: Zhenhua has more than 20 years experience in designing and manufacturing optical coating equipment, which has excellent performance. The fixture adopts the rotating structure to ensure the uniformity of the coating on the workpiece. The well-known component suppliers at domestic and abroad are selected to ensure the superior quality of the coating. Vacuum pumping system is composed of molecular pump, cryopump or mechanical pump. With the cryogenic trapping system, the pumping performance is superior, and the vacuum chamber limit vacuum can reach 6 x 10E-4 Pa. The process parameters are set and controlled online by touch screen in three working modes: automatic, semi-automatic or manual. The operation is simple and the controllable range is wide. It is suitable for many complex processes.


Question 4: How long will the production cycle of this coating equipment ?

Answer: Zhenhua Optical Coating Equipment is equipped with superior performancea vacuum pumping system. Combined with Cryogenic trapping system, single furnace coating cycle is about 35-40 minutes (time for reference only), and multi-layer coating time will be longer.


Question 5: How long will the delivery time of this coating equipment be? What's the price?

Answer: The delivery time of optical coating equipment is about 50 days(Time is for reference only, depending on the actual situation when purchasing the equipment). The price of the equipment is very affordable and the quality of the equipment is very superior. Welcome to consult our salesman for detailed discussion.

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