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Guangdong Zhenhua’s Head Lamp Vacuum Coating Machine

Guangdong Zhenhua’s Head Lamp Vacuum Coating Machine


Guangdong Zhenhua Company independently developed a patented Car Lamp Protective Film Coating Machine, which is simpler, greener and more environmentally friendly. Many manufacturers have adopted our process of direct spray-free evaporation, and the lamp reflector coating technology has been widely used in various car models.

Special coating equipment for lamp protection film, the process of evaporating magnetic aluminum and plating protective film is completed work in the vacuum chamber to prevent secondary pollution. The coated product has a uniform film layer, and acid resistance, alkali resistance, salt resistance, water resistance and other indicators in line with international standards.

Guangdong Zhenhua's Auto-lamp protective film coating machine is widely used in varioius kinds of car lights, such as head lamp,back lamp, and other different size made of different materials. The car lamps can directly get into coating machine, complete evaporation coating aluminium and coating protective film process steps by one time inside chamber room, no need prime painting and top painting.


The machine with full automatically control system, the film with inidex such as good uniformity, acidproof, prevent corrosion effect of the outside world by using nano technology.

Our machine's chamber size can be designed by customers' products , and system can be designed according special process requirement. 

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