Grinding the feed or material performs a momentous

by:ZHENHUA     2020-05-23
1 Different types of feed machine (1) Roll-type feed mill It's a sort of system by using relative rotation of cylinder grinding roll to cut and grind feed. Its favorable aspects include: high productivity, low power and it's easy to adjust, etc. It's mostly used in wheat mill industry. (2) Paddle-mill It uses high speed rotating hammer to crush feed. It has simple structure, and it has high universality and high productivity, and it's safe. (3) Tooth claw type It uses high speed rotating tooth claw to crush feed. It's small in size, it's light, its grain size is small and working speed is high. 2 The notice of using feed mill (1) The motor of feed mill will need to have reliable grounding to refrain from dangerous. (2) After fixing feed mill, you really should check parts whether is tight or otherwise. (3) Checking belt whether the looseness and tightness is suitable. And whether motor reel parallels with bearing of feed mill. (4) When using feed mill, to select a power based on standard of supporting power. (5) You will need to check materials which need to grind to keep copper, iron, stone away from coming into pulverizing room. (6) When cleaning obstructions or adjusting, changing hammer, screen films and belt, you ought to turn off the supply power in advance. You can start cleaning when the machine stops working. (7) Checking whether there's crack or abrasion in hammer regularly. (8) When working you should certainly observe the operating condition of feed mill. If you find there exists vibration or noise, and the temperature between bearing and body of machine is too high, and spraying materials outside etc. You have got to stop working to check what's wrong. You can continue working after solving problems. Do you understand now? What I said is a common thing. In the event that you remember those points, you can prevent many problems. There are all sorts of feed mills, so in choosing you may consider about what sort of materials you wish to grind; whether it saves energy or otherwise; the way of dumpling; dust and noise. And reading the introduction carefully, if you can't solve this question, please ask professional workers for help.
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