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Glass coating by PVD Vacuum coating machine

Glass coating by PVD Vacuum coating machine


Do you know the glass used in building is not normal grade glass? It is special and has two basic functions of light transmission and heat insulation.Normal grade glass can radiate energy through most of the sun's rays, this is very beneficial for the energy of daylighting and absorbing sunlight.For infrared radiation, normal grade glass can prevent indoor heat from passing through the outdoor directly , but the secondary heat dissipation after the heat is absorbed by the glass which will cause great loss.

With the development of the economy, normal grade glass has become unable to meet people's latest requirements.The solar control film and the low-radiation film can make up for the shortcomings of normal grade glass in this respect. PVD Vacuum coating on glass can meet the requirements of lowering indoor temperature in low latitudes.PVD coating on Glass is mean coating a layer of TiO2 on glass which can make it have the functions of anti-fog, anti-dew and self-cleaning glass.This process is widely used on automotive glass nowadays and it is very effective.

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