Get ready to set out on a mad cap roller coaster

by:ZHENHUA     2020-05-19
Zorbing requires no skills or prior experience and is well suited for every age group. If you are a a game for a crazy swerve and roll down a hillock in a transparent ball, think no further, just hop into the ball! A popular activity in New Zealand, zorbing has hit the UK party scene with a bang and is already a hot pick in stag party activity lists within a short span of time. We at gobananas offer some of the best spots and hills for you to roll and tumble without risking your lives or limbs. You would be securely attached to the sphere and our friendly trainers would give you a safety briefing to ensure that everything works out fine. Wera comfortable loose fitting clothes and just be your cool self and enjoy every bit of the crazy spin that would look like being tossed and battered around in a washing machine! If you have a fear for heights this might not be a good idea to do, however the sheer excitement and the thrill of a free fall makes it well worth a try!
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