Garage doors are available in primed as well as

by:ZHENHUA     2020-06-16
Hardboard used on garage doors is made of wood. The life of the door as well as that of its coating is enhanced if its initial coating is done appropriately. The door is protected apart from looking beautiful with the help of the exterior finishing. The recommendations work as a guide so that both the functions are achieved so that the hardboard garage doors get a reasonable service life. Finishing practices which don't meet the criteria mentioned always result in less than acceptable levels. It is highly recommended that hardboard garage doors bought primed are finished within two weeks of installation, while not a day must be waited for those bought unprimed. One shouldn't be particular just about buying a coating ideal for finishing the hardboard exterior of the garage door, but should also not compromise on the quality. It is highly recommended to read through the list of materials used for the paint's production, to figure the product quality. People prefer a finish performance warranty. Select finishing systems intended for exterior use on hardboard garage doors. Then a primer is required for the purpose of sealing of the back, the face as well as all the edges of the door; it may either be alkyd or oil primer. If other than oil alkyd primer is to be used on hardboard then it needs to be stated on the label of the container. When painting the top coat, use an acrylic latex, oil base or alkyd base type of paint. Textured hardboards are resistant to stains, while the smooth hardboards are not totally resistant. Use opaque acrylic latex stains. Staining of the hardboard will be the best done after carefully cleaning its surface. The primer requirements, hardboard surface temperature, rate of spread and recommended application procedures are all mentioned on the finish label of the packaging. A thickness of four dry millimetres is advised for the film on all the surfaces of the wood. Applying the finishing at a spread rate comparable to that given on the back of the label will be the best way to achieve this. The optimal number of coats which a door must have before it is installed is given here. Two un-thinned finish coats follow the primer applied if the door is unprimed and the finishing can be achieved by painting or staining. Damage to the factory primer should be looked at with concern and the area should be spot primed by employing an alkyd oil primer. Application of two finish coats should be performed once the primer coats dry. Good condition of the finish means all that is left is cleaning and touching up on the surface. Cleaning, re-priming, thorough pruning and finish coating of the door becomes imperative in case the finish becomes eroded and thins down. If there is no substrate showing through, applying a finish coating may be adequate.
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