Fuji Film is most reliable, prominent and most

by:ZHENHUA     2020-06-16
Fuji film's Linear tape Open next generation LTO Ultrium 5 tape format 16008030, the most advanced, reliable based on Fuji film patented NANOCUBIC skinny film coating procedure and Nono dispersal technology, improved base film quality, capacity, data tracks and recording density with more secure and reliable performances. Excellent base film quality increased 1,280 data tracks with 846M tape length, better recording improved data storage capacity with 1.5TB native and 3.0TB compressed with excellent data transfer speed of 140MB/Sec native and 280MB/Sec when compressed. Fuji film has further advanced the NANOCUBIC technology for its Fuji 16008030, with the different key additional features and technologies. And has successfully got demanding recording capacity. Development of thinner and ultra fine metal particles 78% of the size of LTO 4 Ultrium format. Nano dispersion methods with a new binder system, advanced Nono coating technology to get a much better, smoother, uniform and tough magnetic layer ensuing in an excellent reduction in tape surface flaws and movement errors. LTO-5 tape, also included with reliable and permanent basic component of the LTO technology which is a very effective part of LTO progression. LTO-CM or Memory Chip (8KB) which store most important usage history of the LTO Ultrium cartridge, and use all this history and enable fast and reliable access to these dependent informations during very intensive and hard data load and unload functions with complete perfection and security. Better data protection is most important part of LTO Ultrium technology which is improved in the LTO 5 tape, with the use of special hardware based 256-bit data encryption formation which is protecting data during fast and speedy data transactions, and prevent data from unauthorized access to archived data. Fuji LTO-5, also used WORM (Write Once Read Many) function, which is offering excellent and reliable durability to stored data by not allowing overwriting, modifying and removing data. WORM cartridge is separately available with distinguished double tone colors. LTO-5 16008030, tapes are compatible with all brands of LTO Ultrium tape drives with exceptionally backward read and write compatibility with LTO4 (R/W) and LTO3 (only read) with a durable working capacity. All brands of LTO 5 tapes with excellent quality are available at itdevicesonline.com
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