free drinks if you watch vending machine ads

by:ZHENHUA     2020-04-02
Thirsty Japanese can quickly drink coffee or other drinks at a low price or even free of charge.
As long as they look at a 30-
The second ad on the vending machine
Vending machine operator Apex Corp will start a service next month to turn its machine into a new medium for advertisers, who will assume
Alcoholic drinks.
Apex operates 35,000 vending machines across Japan, serving paper cups and beverages at prices typically between 70 and 120 yen (
60 cents a dollar)a cup.
Under the \"medical\" project, the vending machine will play the video of the advertiser for about 30 seconds, pour the drink and distribute a paper cup with an advertisement on it.
\"We will choose the location of the vending machine that best suits the advertiser\'s target customers,\" said an official at Apex . \".
Apex says some of its vending machines are ideal for selective advertising in public places such as supermarkets, amusement parks, office buildings and schools.
The goal of these companies is to generate about 0. 4 billion yen (3.
$34 million)
The project was adopted from June.
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