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by:ZHENHUA     2020-06-11
Imation 26592, is the next generation of Imation power full LTO Ultrium data storage tape formats. Which is combined with the most outstanding and advanced technologies, improved basic features and adopted new reliable functions for most remarkable 26592-BULK Imation, data storage tape format. This 4th generation of Imation LTO Ultrium tape has rewards of linear, by-directional, multi-channel structure with betterment in Imation excellent Servo skills, track outline, data compression, and data failure control. That is a key motivation that LTO-4 26592, an exciting new advanced data storage tape format that offers excellent performance and double the data storage capacity of earlier generations of Imation LTO 1, Imation LTO2 and Imation LTO-3 cartridges. 800GB LTO 4 Tapes, are also available in WORM (Write Once Read Many) function cartridge which is reliable for better protection for write once archival requests, WORM also prevents storage data as of erasing, modification and overwritten. Imation 26592 LTO-4 tape, also has support for hardware based AES 256 bit data encryption function which protect very important archive data during the transaction between LTO Ultrium 4 tape drive to Imation LTO4 tape, formats and secure most critical data and archive. Imation exceptional original Corner Snap manufacturing process for LTO 4 tapes in bulk, offers excellent solid casing and design, with perfect and firmly closed shell which able to protect inside tape and storage data and prevent outer pressure and debris to entering into the cartridge. Imation particularly improved base film quality with the help of excellent coating technique and ultra fine metal particles, enable Imation LTO 4 tape, with the massive data storage capacity of 800GB native and 1600GB compressed through increased data tracks 896, tape length 820M, tape width 12.65mm. Advanced and reliable coating make the base film surface smoother and effective and become 78% lighter than earlier LTO Ultrium tapes. Imation also improves the data transfer speed to store this massive capacity, LTO 4 backup tape, increase fast and reliable data transfer speed 120MB/Sec native and 240 MB/Sec with compressed data. Improved Non contact 8KB memory chip LTO-CM also fixed in Imation LTO4, which is most important and basic part of LTO Ultrium technology, Memory chip provides excellent performance enable fast and secure approach to cartridge depended data during intense and hard data loading and unloading practices. Imation LTO-4, is perfectly compatible with all brands of LTO Ultrium 4 tape drives and has excellent backward read and write ability with earlier LTO data storage tapes. All brands of LTO Ultrium 4 tapes are available at
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