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Explanation of the correct use of PVD vacuum coating equipment

Explanation of the correct use of PVD vacuum coating equipment


Explanation of the correct use of PVD vacuum coating equipment

PVD vacuum coating machine

When the machine tool is running normally, the water pipe must be opened first when the machine is started, and attention should be paid to increasing the working water pressure.

At the same time, when ion bombardment and evaporation occur, special attention should be paid to the high-voltage wire joints, and no contact is required to prevent electric shock. The electron gun in the coating, the aluminum outer clock. It is recommended to use lead glass to observe the window glass and wear glasses to observe the lead glass to prevent X-rays from irradiating the human body. The deposition of multilayer dielectric film coating should be equipped with ventilation and dust removal equipment to remove harmful dust in time.

Set up pickling equipment on the ventilation equipment and wear rubber gloves. Put the parts in the cleaning tank with acid or alkali, and clean them gently without collision or splashing. In addition, the commonly used acid basins should be covered. When the work is completed, the water should be cut off.

Safety regulations: During operation, vacuum pump oil is added to high temperature system, PVD vacuum coating machine will be in danger of burning and explosion if you are not careful. Therefore, during work, the installation process and operation specifications must be careful. Heat pumps are dangerous and easy to hurt people. Rotating parts may injure people, so the inaccessible booster pumps and diffusion pumps during the production process need to be handled with extreme care.

The winding system is also very easy to hurt people, so the speed of the rear masking and cleaning roller should not be too fast, no more than 30m/min, and no more than 10m/min.

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