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Explain why automotive lighting lamps are processed with vacuum coating equipment

Explain why automotive lighting lamps are processed with vacuum coating equipment


Explain why automotive lighting lamps are processed with vacuum coating equipment

In order to obtain better appearance or performance, the surface of metal products often needs to be treated by some special processes, such as nitriding, chromium plating, zinc plating, etc. Similarly, in order to obtain these, plastic products also need some surface treatment. Next, based on my own understanding of the surface technology of plastic parts, I will briefly talk about the two major surface technologies of lamps - vacuum aluminum plating and surface spraying.

1. vacuum aluminum plating

1.1 what is vacuum aluminizing?

Break up the aluminum products (aluminum wire, aluminum ring and aluminum block), evenly distribute the aluminum atoms on the surface of plastic parts in a vacuum environment, and then form a protective film of silicon dioxide (in fact, silicon dioxide is formed by spraying silicon oil first and then reacting with nitrous oxide). The whole process is completed in the aluminizing machine. Evaporation plating is similar to sputtering aluminum plating, which will not be described in detail here.

Plating a layer of aluminum on the surface of the plastic part can not only give the plastic part a certain metal texture, but also reflect the light from the light source like a mirror. Therefore, vacuum aluminum plating is widely used in automobile lamp manufacturing industry.

Compared with traditional chromium plating and zinc plating, vacuum aluminum plating has obvious advantages. First, low pollution. Although aluminum vapor is harmful to human body, it is still dwarfed by heavy metals such as chromium and zinc. There is no waste liquid to be treated in the whole process, which is very environmentally friendly. Second, high efficiency. The aluminizing cycle of our company is about 30 minutes, compared with about 15 minutes in the previous company, which depends on the size of the aluminizing machine, parameter settings and workers' operation.

Zhenhua provides vacuum coating equipment and technology for 3D parts of automotive lamps or indoor lighting industry, such as automotive front and tail lights, automotive rear-view mirrors, indoor lighting, etc. It is used for coating reflective film and hydrophobic film (lotus leaf effect) of automobile headlights, taillights and typical indoor lighting industries.

Plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD) is used for the combination of sputtering and thermal evaporation reaction of anti-corrosion metal coatings on reflective and decorative surfaces. A further application is through reactive magnetron sputtering. The surface engineering of transparent layers such as wiping layer and easy to clean layer (with lotus leaf effect) is the highest reflectivity of automobile rearview mirror, and the silver layer is stacked.

The main functions include: high-voltage ion bombardment in the vacuum chamber, aluminum plating and super hard protective film (SIO) plating. The superhard protective film improves the anti nitride ability of the aluminum layer and keeps the high reflectivity of the aluminum layer for a long time. The coated reflective film of automobile lamp, train lamp, driving lamp, truck lamp, truck lamp, electric vehicle lamp, bus lamp, military lamp, racing lamp, school lamp and bicycle lamp has reached the national standard of automobile lamp, and has passed the acid, alkali and salt resistance tests. The computer is used to control and monitor the running status of equipment and coating process. Improve work efficiency, ensure the stability and consistency of product quality, and reduce the impact of human factors.


Low operating costs and the fastest production cycle ensure the highest industrial standards and the most competitive costs, while reducing material and energy consumption.

Customized design services according to customers' production needs.

The fast and flexible production cycle and flexible multi-functional production system can run in the fastest cycle on the market, and are equipped with an automatic control system, which can eliminate human errors.

All operation phases are managed by a PC with automatic archiving and backup functions. The PC provides real-time reports, system and periodic status data, and informs and guides operators throughout the process.

Combine different types of processes and integrate them into one system to meet the future needs of starting from a developing market or upgrading in the future.

Plasma treatment can remove the surface substances of volatile products and can be used for micro cleaning of surfaces contaminated by organic compounds.

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