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by:ZHENHUA     2020-06-16
Fuji LTO2, data storage tape format toughness is calculated in tape passes, A Fuji Film LTO Ultrium 2 data storage cartridge can operate through the LTO Ultrium tape drive more than a million passes without any resistance, LTO Ultrium 2 tape drives give up data in a sequence of eight equivalent data tracks that sprint the span of the base film. This carries on, back and forth, until the base film is completely read or written. Therefore it takes multiple exceeds to write or read the complete available 512 data tracks. Excellent base film quality makes possible for Fuji LTO-2, to store 200GB native and 400GB compressed data within the same size of 12.65mm base film with same 609M long tape length, only reliable coating technique improved data storage capacity with complete reliability of data. Fuji LTO2 tape, reliable performance also can be measured in a time saving accessing for very important and valuable data, therefore Fuji LTO2 cartridge offers excellent and time saving data transfer speed of 40MB/Sec native and 80MB/Sec compressed. With excellent 2:1 compression rate. Fuji LTO-2 tapes, are mostly depending on a timing based, superior accurate and excellent quality servo system to obtain its exceptional presentation efforts, and better read and write ability. LTO 26220001 tapes, embedded with excellent and most reliable LTO Ultrium technology component a memory chip LTO-CM with 4KB storage ability, this memory chip is able to store very important data about Fuji 26220001 LTO-2 tape, usage history and offers excellent communication skills during very tough and heavy data storage and recovery processes. LTO-CM also speed up the access to cartridge most important or required storage data. Fuji LTO2 tapes, has a very strong hub system to avoid any sorts of destruction within the cartridge, and Fuji film specially applied a very strong material for strengthening cartridge Hub, and successfully obtain equally operational accuracy in the LTO Ultrium 2 tape drive and a superior excellent archival durability. Fujifilm offers excellent LTO2 26220001, Ultrium data storage tape format which is reliable and offers excellent compatibility with all branded LTO Ultrium 2 tape drives with excellent backward read and write ability with Fuji previous LTO Ultrium tapes. Fuji 26220001 LTO2 offers reliable data storage capacity with fast, secure speed and brilliant improved features. All branded LTO 2 Ultrium tapes are available at digitaldevicesonline.com
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