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by:ZHENHUA     2020-08-31
In case of Grit Blasting, the selection of media is of crucial importance in the engineering of abrasive blasting process. The size of media exists in various dimensions and is available in a wide range of particle sizes. Shot Blasting is also a surface treatment process which uses high velocity abrasive media. It is a method which is used to achieve exceptional cleaning and surface preparations for secondary finishing operations. Shot Blasting is commonly used for cleaning of iron, steel, non-cast parts, etc. Through the introduction of centrifugal wheel blast machines, both the manual and automated production of Shot Blasting Machines became possible. This system of shot blasting is more productive than compressive air method as it helps in achieving a more uniform finishing of the surface. Alike the Grit Blasting Machine, the criteria for selecting an appropriate Shot Blasting system depends upon the dimensions of the machine, the status of the surface has to be cleaned, ultimate surface specification and overall process is required. The shot blasting performed on a surface makes it perfectly suitable for painting, galvanizing and metal spraying. It helps in forming permanent bond between the shot blasted surface and the protective coating such as paints. Zinc, etc and increases their life. Thus, the additional maintenance cost of repainting the surface can be avoided. Shot blasting process can be used to harden the surface against physical stress as well as to smooth out any irregularities. The Shot Blasting process is carried out on consistent high speed to ensure optimum uniformity over the surface. This technique is evident in all the industries using steel, iron and various other metals. Such industries mainly comprise of automobile, ships, aircraft, arms and ammunitions, etc. Thus, by far, shot blasting is the cheapest and the most effective way of surface treatment. However, the mechanical process of shot blasting is more effective form the traditional process for the following reasons: The forthcoming operations become ideally suitable on the blast surface.Scale, dust content and chemical deposit is completely eliminated from the finished surface.It helps in obtaining a uniform silver matt finish without blemish.Shot blasting does not alter any of the virgin metals.The operation of shot blasting machine is quite simple and requires minimum labour. Thus, Grit Blasting and Shot Blasting are few of the techniques used to provide a more appealing outlook to metallic components. Moreover, the success of these major industries is proved by the existence of different variety in the market! After all, customer satisfaction is their first objective!
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