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Evaporation coating Rainbow Gradual Change color effect

Evaporation coating Rainbow Gradual Change color effect


With the increasingly strong pursuit of gradual change effect in the electronic products industry, other products industries have once again turned up the wave of surface treatment of rainbow gradual change color effect. Whether it is plastic products, metal products or ceramic products, the industry is scrambling to release a new series of products to meet the market's demand for rainbow gradual change color effect. Whether it is everywhere electronic products, daily necessities or luxury goods such as Louis Vuitton, Chanel, etc., have playing rainbow gradual change color effect effect.

Zhenhua always pays attention to the market trends and preferences, and constantly updates our coating process according to the market demand, in order to keep our equipment and coating process in line with the pace of the market, and even hopes to lead our customers to innovate constantly and seize the market first.

Many plastic products also need to do rainbow gradual change color process, but due to the low added value of the products, many plastic products manufacturers can not afford higher surface treatment costs, shrink back at the sight of rainbow gradual change color effect. Today, we're going to introduce what kind of cheap vacuum coating method besides magnetron sputtering can make rainbow gradient effect on plastic products.

Let's first look at the sample we made for our customers.

Zhenhua uses evaporative coating technology to produce rainbow gradient effect. The cost of equipment investment is low, the cost of material production is low, and the cost of surface treatment is low. It can also achieve exquisite rainbow gradient effect. Plastic products manufacturers who need to produce rainbow gradient effect should contact us as soon as possible. We will provide you with high quality technical support services, provide you with inexpensive equipment, Zhenhua vacuum waiting for your consultation.

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