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Entegris, Inc.
Established in March 17, 2005, is a global developer, manufacturer and supplier of semiconductor and other highly polluting control products, specialty chemicals and material handling solutions
Technology industry.
The company is divided into three business departments: special chemicals and engineering materials (SCEM)
Advanced Material Handling (AMH)
Micro-pollution control (MC).
SCEM provides process chemicals, gases, materials and delivery systems to support semiconductor and other manufacturing processes.
AMH has developed solutions for monitoring, protecting, transporting and delivering critical liquid chemicals and substrates for the semiconductor industry and other high-
Technology industry.
MC provides solutions to purify key liquid chemicals and gases used in semiconductor manufacturing
Technology industry.
Process Chemistry, gases, materials and delivery systems in the SCEM division of specialty chemicals and engineering materials are used in semiconductor manufacturing processes such as deposition, cleaning and integration of materials.
SCEM offers professional gas products, professional materials products, advanced deposition materials products, and surface preparation and integration products.
The company\'s professional gas solutions provide safety and process capabilities to semiconductor manufacturers.
Its safe transportation source (SDS)
Cylinders store and deliver harmful gases such as arsine, phosphine, germanium and trifluoride to sub-
Atmospheric pressure by using its carbon-
Base adsorption material.
These products manage potential leaks during transportation and use.
It also provides a vacuum drive cylinder (VAC)
, A technology provided to SDS in which the selected implanted gas is stored at high pressure but deliveredAtmosphere.
Special material products are made of specialized graphite, carbide and/or various coatings, at all stages of the semiconductor manufacturing process, including drying or plasma etching, as components of semiconductor manufacturing equipment, chemical vapor deposition and ion injection.
Its Poco graphite company(POCO)
Graphite consumables electrodes for discharge processing, hot glass contact materials for the manufacture and molding of glass products, and for various industrial applications (including aerospace, optics, medical devices and printing.
Its coating, such as Pegasus coating, provides corrosion resistance and erosion resistance as well as the required conductivity, manages semiconductors and other high-
Technology manufacturing business.
The company\'s advanced deposition materials include liquids, gases, and solid pioneers contained in the chemical vapor deposition (CVD)
Atomic layer deposition (ALD)
The process of the semiconductor industry, such as ultra-pure four Poly silicone (4MS)
Super pure silicone (TEOS)products.
It provides containers that allow the storage and delivery of the solid and liquid precursor required during the ALD process.
The company provides a range of materials for the preparation and integration of semiconductor wafer surfaces during manufacturing.
For example, its Viaform products include inorganic and organic molecules that provide wiring for copper interconnect and allow manufacturers to eliminate processing steps.
It also provides flat chemical machinery (CMP)
Cleaning Solutions for semiconductor after-sales applications
Etching residue removal, wafer etching, organic removal, negative resistance removal, edge bead removal, and corrosion prevention.
Its consumable polyethylene alcohol series (PVA)
The roller brush product is used to clean the wafer according to the CMP process and its pad regulator series.
Systems and products of the AMH division of the Advanced Material Processing Division manage the customer\'s output by protecting wafers from wear, degradation and contamination during manufacturing and transportation.
The AMH offers wafer solutions, chemical containers, and fluids.
The AMH offers wafer solutions, chemical containers, and fluids.
The company\'s wafer solutions include Ultrapak and Crystalpak products for wafers ranging from 100 to 200 (mm)
As at December 31, 2016.
It also offers a front desk
Open the transport box (FOSB)
Transport and Automation interfaces for 300mm wafers as of December 31, 2016.
It provides uniform pods for the front opening (FOUPs)
, Wafer transfer and process carrier, standard mechanical interface pod (SMIF)
Pods of up to 300mm size as of December 31, 2016.
These micro-environment products provide wafers for various process manufacturing steps.
The company produces a range of flexible packaging and polymer containers that chemical companies use to ship Process Chemicals to semiconductor manufacturing plants.
It has a portfolio of packaged products from low
High volume container
The chemical reaction of a value-for-value photoresist, such as a NOWPak product, a large medium-sized bulk container, or a bulk container (IBCs)
Used for a large amount of chemical consumption, such as fluorine products.
The company produces fluid conveying products for chemical applications such as valves, fittings, pipes and custom manufactured products, as well as related connection systems such as PrimeLock connections.
Its product line provides a single product for its semiconductor manufacturers, Process Tool manufacturers and chemical customers
Provide sources for their process chemicals management needs throughout the manufacturing process.
Its digital valve control technology manages the chemical uniformity on the wafer.
Its intelligent integrated liquid distribution system integrates valve control and filtration device technology to enable uniform application of chemicals in wafer manufacturing.
MC segment filters remove chemicals and nanoparticles-
Contaminants and bubbles of different sizes produced by different fluids and gases used during the manufacturing process, including exposure, deposition, flattening, and surface etching and cleaning.
Its product management may lead to defects in the physical and electrical properties of pollution that change the products of its customers.
MC offers liquid micro-pollution control products, gas micro-pollution control products and other products.
The company also offers water and chemical filtration products for micro-electronics applications.
The company\'s liquid micro-pollution control products provide a variety of products to control contaminants in the liquid process of its customers.
Its Torrento series filters are an example of its product range, which is used for corrosive acid-alkaline chemical filtration in semiconductor manufacturing plants, as well as for chemical manufacturers including its SCEM department.
Its impact Series filters are used for optical distribution applications.
The company\'s gas micro-pollution control products provide metal filters such as stainless steel and nickel filters.
Its purifier reacts chemically with contaminants such as oxygen and water and absorbs contaminants to manage contamination, and its exhaust diffuser manages particle contamination and treatment cycle times.
Its gatekeeper gas purifier uses technology to manage gas contaminants.
Its Chambergard gas diffuser provides semiconductor equipment manufacturers with the ability to discharge tools into the atmosphere without adding particles to the wafer being processed.
Under the company\'s other products, it also provides eVOLV wet chemical processes to recover electronic waste from discarded printed circuit boards and semiconductor chips, and to recover metals and other materials.
The company and Danaher Company Shin-Etsu Polymer Company, Ltd.
Gemu valve
Keiso, Tokyo. , Ltd.
Mersen from Versum Materials Co. , Ltd.
DuPont Electronic Technology, Dow Chemical, liquefied air, Praxair
SAES pure Gas Co. , Ltd.
Donaldson, Inc.
And Parker hannyfin.
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