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Electron beam of electron beam evaporation coating machine

Electron beam of electron beam evaporation coating machine


Electron beam of electron beam evaporation coating machine

The electron beam bombardment heat source of the electron beam evaporation coating equipment(evaporation coationg machine) has high beam current density and high electron beam energy density. It can reach a power density of 10⁴~10⁵w/cm² in a not too small area, so it can be used as a high melting point (up to 3000 °C or so), and can have a higher evaporation rate.

evaporation coationg machine

Vacuum coating is an important aspect of the vacuum application field. It is based on vacuum technology, using physical or chemical methods, and absorbing a series of new technologies such as electron beam, molecular beam, ion beam, plasma beam, radio frequency and magnetron. Scientific research and actual production provide a new process for thin film preparation. Simply put, the method of evaporating or sputtering metals, alloys or compounds in a vacuum to solidify and deposit them on the coated object is called vacuum coating.

When the existing vacuum coating machine coats the workpiece, the interior needs to be vacuumed and heated to a certain temperature. During continuous coating operation, the staff needs to turn on the vacuum coating machine to pick and place the workpiece. This operation has certain safety hazards. , The stability is poor; when the vacuum coating machine is turned on, the internal vacuum environment will disappear, and the heat will escape, resulting in a waste of energy and increasing production costs.

small pvd coating machine,small pvd coating machine

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