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Electromagnetic inflation pressure difference vacuum valve of vacuum coating machine

Electromagnetic inflation pressure difference vacuum valve of vacuum coating machine


Electromagnetic inflation pressure difference vacuum valve of vacuum coating machine

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The electromagnetic charging pressure difference valve is a valve specially installed on the air inlet of the mechanical vacuum pump. When the vacuum pump stops pumping, the valve plate will fall through the atmospheric pressure to close the vacuum system, and then use the valve air inlet to fill the pump cavity Into the atmosphere, it plays a role in preventing the backflow of mechanical vacuum pump oil from polluting the vacuum system, and can also maintain the vacuum of the vacuum system. It is a relatively novel vacuum valve.

The screw type oil-free dry mechanical vacuum pump uses a gear drive to synchronize and reversely rotate the left screw and the right screw, which are meshed and do not touch each other, for high-speed rotation. The spiral groove is divided into multiple spaces by the pump casing and the meshing spiral. In multiple stages, the gas is transmitted in equal grooves (column equal pitch) without compression. Only the spiral structure at the end of the screw has a compression effect on the gas. A pressure gradient can be formed between the stages of the screw to disperse the pressure difference and increase the compression ratio. The clearance of various parts and the pump speed have a great influence on the performance of the pump. When designing the gap of each part of the screw, it is necessary to consider the expansion, processing and assembly accuracy, and working environment (such as extracting dust-containing gas, etc.). The pump has no exhaust valve like the roots vacuum pump.

        The pump is a vertical structure, with the air inlet at the top, the air outlet at the middle, and the motor and lubricating oil pool at the bottom. The screw rotor is hollow and has a cantilever support structure. The synchronous transmission gear is located under the bearing support. The frequency conversion motor is connected with the active rotor through a coupling. The gas path of the pump is short, and the vertical structure is more advantageous for removing dust-containing gas. The pump casing is cooled by water, and the pump maintenance is also convenient.


        If this type of pump selects an appropriate and simpler screw thread section, it is simple to manufacture, can ensure high processing accuracy, and is easy to balance.

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