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Electrodeposition metal coating of PVD vacuum coating machine and its application range

Electrodeposition metal coating of PVD vacuum coating machine and its application range


Electrodeposition metal coating of PVD vacuum coating machine and its application range

PVD vacuum coating machine

Electrochemical deposition of PVD vacuum coating equipment refers to the technology of depositing one or more layers of metal coating, alloy coating or composite coating on the surface of metal or non-metal parts by electrochemical method. Generally, a workpiece with a conductive surface is placed at the cathode in an electrolyte solution. Under the action of the external current, the metal ions or composite ions in the solution react with the surface of the workpiece, that is, on the surface of the cathode, so that the metal is deposited on the surface of the workpiece. This process is also called metal electrodeposition, commonly known as electroplating. Use vacuum coating equipment to electroplate the surface of metal or non-metal parts to obtain various functional coatings to meet the application requirements of parts in different environments.

They include four categories: corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance; wear resistance and friction reduction; decoration and beautification; sound, light, magnetic, electrical conversion, and catalysis, sterilization, etc., including single metal coating, alloy coating, composite Coating, phosphating, passivation, chemical oxidation, electrochemical oxidation, etc. Current research directions include: alloy electroplating, laser electroplating, particle dispersion composite coating, fiber reinforced composite coating, gradient function composite coating, micro-arc oxidation, nano tortoise plate Coating and nano multilayer coating. How to choose various vacuum equipment on the market? The choice of vacuum coating electromechanical coating design should be based on understanding its characteristics, design basis, scope of application, inapplicable or not allowed scope of use, and then determine its thickness series and process.

Although surface treatment technology has a long history and relatively mature technology, with the rapid development of modern industry and technology, vacuum coating equipment has higher and higher functional requirements for electrodeposited coatings, such as corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, conductivity, etc. , High hardness, high wear resistance and some special physical and chemical properties, such as special electrical properties, magnetic properties, semiconductor properties and superconducting properties, new electroplating technology is also developing.

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