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Door handles coated by Anti-fingerprint/AF coating machine

Door handles coated by Anti-fingerprint/AF coating machine


On dry days, if you touch the door handle with your hand after walking on the carpet, there is troublesome thing will occur.The friction between the carpet and the shoe gives your body an extra negative charge.When your hand close to the door handle, the negative charge on the hand is attracted by the positive charge of the door handle (generated by polarization),When the two charges meet, an electric spark is formed.( Anti-fingerprint/AF coating machine)

However, most of the good quality door handles will be treated with a magnetron sputtering coating machine, and the surface is coated with a film that can have anti-fingerprints function.And door handles will become very durable and still shine as new after a long time.Because of the protective effect of the coating film, people do not leave water vapor on the surface of the handle when opening the door, which can make the metal material more durable.( Anti-fingerprint/AF coating machine)

The door handle coating is only a small part of our daily life. Actually most of the things we touch every day is already treated by PVD sputtering coating machine.

magnetron sputtering coating machine

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