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Do you know how to clean the vacuum coating machine?

Do you know how to clean the vacuum coating machine?


Do you know how to clean the vacuum coating machine?

The surface cleaning treatment of the parts of the vacuum evaporation coating machine is very necessary, because if it is affected by the external environment, the vacuum system will not work normally and can not reach a high vacuum degree. Moreover, in the presence of impurities, the connection and tightness of vacuum parts are affected.

Pollutants and impurities are completely useless to vacuum. Multi arc ion plating can be divided into solid impurities, gaseous impurities and liquid impurities according to the state of impurities, which exist in the form of particles. From a chemical point of view, it can be ionic or covalent, organic or inorganic. The exposed surface layer is most likely to be polluted. There are many kinds of pollution conditions, which are generally formed by its own operation at the beginning.

Attention should be paid to the processes of surface adsorption, chemical action, cleaning and drying, and the machinery may produce stains in various operation processes, increasing the surface pollutants. Paying attention to the maintenance and cleaning of the machine in the early stage can reduce many troubles in the later stage, prevent various small conditions of the sputter sputtering coater, improve the work efficiency and the coating quality of the vacuum coater. It can improve the vacuum system wall and other machine parts to the greatest extent, and can operate stably under different conditions.

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