direct mail makes a comeback with uv coating systems

by:ZHENHUA     2020-03-31
Direct mail is not dead.
It\'s doing a comback.
There are two key factors contributing to this change.
One is the smaller UV coating machine, which helps to produce economical but high-end direct mail materials.
The second is the direct mail procedure for each post office.
One of the keys to making direct mail cost-effective again is the new UV coating system that can be used for document preparation.
Tec Lighting\'s vent-free UV coating system makes it easier for small printing plants to operate for customers at an affordable price.
It can also be used for business cards, inserts, brochures.
Let\'s see what we need to do today\'s direct mail campaign?
Do you find out if your mailbox is empty or if there are one or two items? .
All your bills are electronic.
You will then get this direct email from someone who has a good offer.
It is usually a very nice document that is easy to read.
The motivation of this work is worth using.
It may be discarded, spam filtered, or not sent if it is sent using email.
Why do I say that?
At present, the click-through rate is relatively low, at 2%.
Several changes have made direct mail more attractive. 1.
The desktop UV coating system Tec Lighting has a small UV coating machine that does not require ventilation as in the past.
Now, don\'t get me wrong.
The system does generate some heat, so the room needs to be ventilated in some way.
The difference is that you don\'t need to vent the room as in the past to prevent toxic smoke.
Today, they are also more economical, a small car model for $11,000.
By this amount, your balance of payments is much shorter if you make the most of it.
You can make money back in a few months.
How does it work?
Basically, you can complete a document with a glossy or matte coating.
Just print the paper and put it in through the uv coating machine.
The file is coated and processed by a heating lamp to dry.
It\'s so simple.
The challenge is that the UV coating machine needs to be cleaned after each use, because the coating material can act as glue on the part.
If it is not cleaned properly after use, you will find yourself spending a lot of money on spare parts. 2. Postal Rates -
Every direct post in the post office makes it easier for you to send direct mail.
You don\'t need to go through a middle anymore-
Contact consumers.
You can request delivery of your direct mail by postal code.
Each Door Direct Mail makes it easy for the postman to deliver your marketing materials to the target family you want to reach.
You can access more details of each Door Direct Mail program.
Alternatively, download their PDF on each door direct mail program.
You can measure all of these activities by sending your direct mail to a specific landing page or phone number to understand the exact cost of each time you participate.
The most important thing is that it\'s time to give the direct mail another try.
UV coating systems can help your customers take advantage of the shift in mail delivery if you are a printing factory.
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