Digital Data Storage (DDS) is a magnetic tape

by:ZHENHUA     2020-06-08
Maxell 200110, is a 4mm tape with double reel format and used excellent Maxell patented Ceramic Coated Metal Particles with reliable safe T-Lock Hub-Locking equipment. DDS-2 tape, offers 4GB native and 8GB compressed storage capacity, on 120M length tape. Maxell DDS-2 200110, is an excellent storage format for small and medium size storage networks also features superior output and accurate and stable signal feature, 200110, is perfectly designed for anti dust and shocked proof with low failure rate and kept very important data for a very long time. 200025-Bulk Maxell, is also the same size with 4mm wide tape and offers excellent enhanced coating technique with ultra fine metal particles, The DDS-3 tape Bulk Pack, improved with reliable data storage capacity 12GB native and 24GB compressed with 125M long tape length. Maxell 200025 tape, is very durable and designed to work over 2,000 passes with excellent solid casing which protect data tape from outer pressers as well accidental drops etc. The 4mm 200025, is an excellent version for entry-level enterprises and small size server backup with perfect preservation of archival. DDS-4 Tape Cartridge, is the next generation of reliable DDS technology tape with enhanced basic features as well overall cartridge quality. Maxell DDS-4 Tape Bulk Pack, the better recording ability with improved base film surface increased data storage capacity up to 20GB native and 40GB compressed with 150M long base film. Maxell 200028, also improved stable signal features with brilliant read and write ability. The 20 GB Cartridge, offers excellent Safe-T-Lock system and MRS (Media Recognition System). Durability of Maxell 200028, is more than 30 years with excellent preservation of stored data. Maxell 200200, much advanced and embedded with quality characteristic and benefits with fine low error rate, excellent improved design, DDS-5 tape, offer better recording ability reliable data storage capacity 36GB native and 72GB compressed. The DDS5 Maxell 200200, also increased with tape length 170M with same 4mm wide tape. The DDS-5 200200, also feature with basic Maxell patented unique Safe-T-Lock Hub-Locking system which makes sure the proper base film tension and also prevent mis threading during data load and unload processes. Solid frame of DDS tape, and excellent quality and extra strength proceed as a more shielding armor against very tough ecological atmospheres. Maxell 230010, the sixth generation of reliable DDS/DAT tape formation which has MRS system which indicate tape drive that DDS-6 Tape, is certified for the DAT system or not. Excellent smooth and even surface of base film offering better recording ability as well improved 80GB native and 160GB compressed data storage capacity. Maxell 230010 DDS-6, reliable base film quality also prevents data loss which is the main object behind errors. Low error rate also improved Maxell DDS6 Tape, life and durability. Which makes this DDS version most reliable and best possible choice for storage environments. Maxell 186990 Cleaning Cartridge, are perfectly developed and construct for tape drive head cleaning. The 4mm cleaning cartridges, are ideal for minimizing DAT tape drive head wear and keeping the tape drive head form in a more favorable position. 186990 cleaning media, must use regularly to avoid any problem with tape and DAT drive during data storage or recovery procedures. All Maxell and other brands of DDS/DAT tapes are available at
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